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GT5’s Yamauichi-san talks about the weather, crash damage

Submitted by on Monday, 11 May 2009No Comment

Gran Turismo 5What happens when the Japanese designer of Gran Turismo 5 talks to German car manufacturer Audi about the virtues of his game and its fidelity compared to the “real thing”? Pretty much an indecipherable version of Chinese Whispers unfortunately.

What can be decrypted, and found over at, is some interesting tidbits from the anal perfectionist of how GT5 will surpass its precursor GT5P, not only in the visual department, but also with respect to the environment.

With GT5 in development nearly as long as a certain other well-loved icon, Kazunori Yamauichi has been given the time to make the game he has always dreamt of. And, considering GT5P will be taken as an obvious reference point of just how far GT5 has come, fans are no doubt wondering just what the “full” Gran Turismo HD experience will bring to the table. Apart from the obligatory “more features for the online community”, car fans should also expect a more realistic environmental experience with a “graphic representation of night and rain.”

Rain is just one atmospheric conditions in the works as Yamauichi-san confirms that in-race weather changes are also on the cards. Knowing the Japanese designer as a stickler for perfection, we expect each rain drop has been painstakingly hand drawn from actual real-life droplets taken from the numerous race locations around the world.

If driving at night in a thunder storm doesn’t get your engines racing, Yamauichi-san also drops another hint that the much talked about (and eternally absent) crash damage feature in Gran Turismo is still alive and well. However, considering the comment states: “… and damage to racing cars we will soon be able to simulate”, we’re assuming it could be very much a work in progress. That 2009 release might be looking more and more unlikely unfortunately.