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HD never looked so good in monotone; new Katamari Forever mode

Submitted by on Monday, 11 May 20092 Comments

katamari foreverKatamari Forever, aka Katamari Damacy Tribute to some, will be getting more than just a simple 1080p visual overhaul and new cell-shaded graphics. Oh no, it’s much more than that. This PSN exclusive from Namco Bandai will be receive a new game mode as well.

Currently deemed as ‘coloring mode’, the Prince must return color to the world as it has been overtaken by black and white monotones. How will you do this you ask? Good question as we are wondering the same thing.

All we have is the above screenshot and from the look of things, it appears that items you collect regain their color. Perhaps when the katamari becomes a certain size, it will make the  world all pretty and colorful again. Perhaps not. I’m sure we will find out more as it comes closer to the release date later this year.