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Holy Chaining Combos Batman!

Submitted by on Sunday, 17 May 20093 Comments

Batman: Arkham AsylumWhat better way to console yourself over Batman: Arkham Asylum’s release delay than by checking out some new footage of the Dark Knight himself laying all kinds of retribution fuelled hurt on the cronies of Gotham’s infamous nut-house.

In what the experts are calling “free-flow combat”, the footage depicts Batman’s capability of linking devastating attack moves from one thug to the next, building up combo points and unlocking new ways of smashing The Joker’s henchmen to pieces.  If that doesn’t assuage the pain of not having your hands of the game – we don’t know what will.

Just like last time, the title’s Game Director, Sefton Hill, talks us through the intriguing combo system and how mastering it will enable Batman to attack over larger distances and dispense of multiple enemies without breaking a sweat.

Sefton goes on to describe the counter notification system; how Batman can detect which goon is about to attack next in order to keep the chain unbroken and who is about to get close enough to cause the Dark Knight some trouble. Also on display are the special abilities known as “instant combat takedowns”; finishing moves that allow Bats to pretty much destroy a single enemy in one crippling manoeuvre.

We’re liking what’s on display here and it reminds us of recent third-person brawlers such as Watchmen: The End is Nigh and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Of course, all signs indicate it surpasses the former’s one-dimensional button bashing exercises while keeping up with Wolverine in terms of pure ferocity.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is (still) scheduled for late summer.

Source: Joystiq