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Make a film in Home with Stage Set

Submitted by on Monday, 4 May 20093 Comments

stage-setEver wanted to film your own movie? Or even star in one? Has money or work always been a barrier between you and your dream? But you do have a PS3 right?

If you answered yes to all of those questions you are in luck because something new is coming to PlayStation Home on the 7th of May.

Stage Set is a brand new feature coming to Home where you and your friends (or random people you never met before) can star in and film your own virtual film. 

You can set the mood, change the set, choose the costumes, just like if you were on a real film set.

Very little is still known about Stage Set just yet although one of the developers has made a comment about it, and there are many tweets @lootgear to read.

Here is what Rich Bisso from Loot had to say about the project in his own words:

The reason I’m writing is that I thought you guys might be interested in what we’ve been working on. It’s essentially a machinima tool for Playstation Home. Our goal was to try and create something for PSHome users that combined the two aspects of Home we thought were the most interesting: Social Activity and Interactive Experience.

Instead of making a traditional game, or even an ARG (which is the way a lot of Home development was going), we wanted to make something that would really encourage the player to get together with their friends and have some fun. Being spawned from a movie company, it is pretty easy to see how we were inspired to make a movie stage/set. It’s really cool to walk through the lot every day and peek inside the huge stages, so we figured that other people would be psyched to have their own stage and even make some movies, too. After that, we went crazy putting all sorts of lighting and camera controls, green screens, backdrops, etc in the limited amount of time we had.

It was fun and a bit of a challenge, since we were pushing the development tools in some pretty unconventional directions.

There are a collection of eye-watering trailers that we recommend having a look at on YouTube, and we have attached one at the top of this very page.

From what we have seen, it certainly looks impressive and a good addition to Sony’s growing online universe, combining it with the PS3‘s much discussed movie capabilities. And we hope that the videos we make are automatically added to the cross-media bar and transferable to other devices.

Nothing has been said on which regions of the globe will actually see it, but it’s unlikely that it would be left for only one location, and expect to hear more about Stage Set before long.

Before then, please share your comments with us in the usual way in the comments section below.