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The Homerun – 7th May 09; Lots of new content and more

Submitted by on Thursday, 7 May 2009One Comment

homerunIt has been a busy week around the world of Home, and so we have a lot to talk about.

We’ll start with the new content that arrived today shall we? Sony has been busy in their workshops to deliver you some new spaces, furniture, clothing and more.

Today sees the arrival of content for both Europe and North America, although not all the same new things.

Starting with North America, a new Siren: Blood Curse space has been added, along with two apartments which are the Stage Set space and a Log-cabin. That’s the highlight of the update but you will also be treated to Tekken, Killzone 2 and Patapon clothing amongst other things. 

If you would like more information, then click here.

European users shouldn’t feel too left out, although the content is certainly not as impressive as the North American treatment. The Lakeside Log-cabin has also hit European shores, along with a PlayStation Home Star Trek party.

It seems Sony is going Star Trek mad as they host the party in celebration of the new film in Home Square between 7 and 9pm BST this Sunday. Make sure to remember to wear your Starfleet uniform otherwise you will be shown to the exits.

They are also offering two exclusive Starfleet uniforms so look out for special posters in Home Square from 7pm.

Following from Sony America, they too have added Killzone 2 clothing in addition to other clothing items including baseball caps and sunglasses. 

Finally they have come from under their rock and we have now heard some more news straight from Sony on the Home v1.20 update that has so far not seen the light of day due to a bug discovered before release. They have decided to combine v1.20 into the update originally due after to avoid a delay for that patch as well.

That should make into a nice mega PlayStation Home update, and they will inform us on the progress later in the month.

This week we heard the results back from a recent Q&A session for Europe with a lucky member of the European PlayStation forums. In summary, what was said is that they want all additions to Home to be gaming related since most PS3 owners buy the machine to play games. Trophy rooms aren’t completely ruled out but it’s not a high priority. 

They are discussing with third-parties to introduce music based games in Home. They also want all new first-party games to support Game Launching where possible. Finally they are working on voice and text chat to work between people no matter where they are located. More information is available on the Q&A session here.

Back to North America and the SCEA Home Community Managers has made the decision to stop accepting invites to clubhouses to avoid the bickering from jealous individuals wanting attention by the team – shame. Luckily this won’t affect their presence in other places of Home. 

Finally we come to Xi. Since we last spoke in the Homerun, there has been two new fragments to unlock. The first fragment can be achieved by completing the three remaining screens in Alpha Zone 2.

The second is available via You will find it in ‘Images’ and ‘Zoom Puzzle’. Once you work out the four digit number code, enter it into your HoloPad. If you need some help between Fragments one to twelve, then we highly recommend our new guide that you can see here. There have also been other things occurring around Home. 

A new company has also risen called Veilcorp who claim to own Xi and insist that you should stop searching for it, or you join and work for them. Two other groups have formed from the AFK team who want your support but you can only join one group. Whose side will you be on?