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The Homerun – 14th May 09; SCEE, Game Integration and Apartments

Submitted by on Thursday, 14 May 20094 Comments

homerunYes we know. It is already a week since our last Homerun article. Well we’re back to deliver you a run through of the goings on in Sony’s online universe. 

Let’s go straight into things shall we? Alright, first lets talk about game integration with Home.

This week we have heard about two of Sony’s collection of first-party games adding support for PlayStation Home. On Monday a tweet from @KillzoneDotCom confirmed an announcement this week on Killzone 2-Home integration.

At the time of writing this we have heard nothing on it since but we will discuss it on the site when we hear more.

But we have some information from Insomniac in the form of Resistance 2-integration. The new 1.60 patch for the game adds support for game launching. However, the feature will not be active straight away when the patch arrives on the 14th of May.

More work needs to be done inside Home to ensure that it works which is a bit unfortunate but what can we do?

As always Xi has been expanding further and this week you can now jump into a new space, but this one is like no other we have seen before in Xi. It’s actually ‘Jess’s Apartment’! This space is basically the Summer House but with a great twist.

It’s night time and to get everyone in a party mood, there are decorations on the ceiling, and a stereo system blaring music on the ground floor. If you go upstairs, Jess has her own massive TV playing a music video of an unknown artist singing in places dotted around Home. 

What we practically like is when you walk outside you can barely see anything but the moon shining brightly from the sky. We can also just make out a boat in the lake too. 

What makes this space important is that it shows us how much night time adds an extra element to Home: It becomes a lot more atmospheric and we would personally love to see the night effects taken to other spaces like Home Square/Central Plaza.

Maybe there is treasure somewhere

Maybe there is treasure somewhere

But if you live in North America, there is another apartment to be interested in. The new “Chamber” apartment is completely different to your usual personal space. Not only is it free and available for one week only, it’s like something taken out of Uncharted. 

There are waterfalls and lava pits, there’s even a tree in the middle with a face that appears to be alive. If you want to get this space, you have between now and the next Homerun to add it to your collection!

SCEA has also created a neat commercial-like video about Home on the PlayStation Blog, combining real life with the virtual world. You can watch it for yourselves on the blog or on the attached YouTube video at the top of the page. Sony would also like to hear your impressions of it.

North American users will be happy to hear the special apartment isn’t the only new thing to take an interest in. There is some new furniture in the Mall from Street Fighter dolls to wooden sofas.

Onto European gamers now and unlike their American counterparts, disappointingly there is nothing new this week. Thankfully Sony has confirmed that they have some content for next Thursday, details of which are due to be released on Friday.

In fact this idea of announcing up-and-coming content days before release is part of a new revision of plans from SCEE. They have come to realise that people are annoyed when Sony keep their lips sealed on content until right before release, or sometimes even afterwards.

A problem they have is that they can never be certain on what will make it into updates until right before. With this new concept, they will announce what they hope will make it on the following Thursday around a week before, but it is strictly subject to change and you may find yourselves disappointed now and again.

All new news updates have to go through translation too which can take up to two days, and it’s only once that is done that they can tell the whole community as they have to be released in all languages at the same time.

But they didn’t just talk about news updates. SCEE are changing their priorities away from filling the Shopping Centre with goodies to adding spaces including ones for Uncharted and Warhawk. Right now they are investigating seventeen spaces, although not all may see the light of day in Europe.

They are also continuing to look for ways to help gamers join spaces for their native languages without creating too much segregation between people inside Europe.

Well that’s about all for this week in our eighth edition of Homerun. We would love to hear your thoughts on this article and any suggestions that you may have to improve it.

It’s all about keeping you guys up-to-date with what’s happening in PlayStation Home and of course we want you to enjoy reading it as much as possible.