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The Homerun – 21st May 09; v1.21 patch and Resistance 2 space

Submitted by on Thursday, 21 May 20093 Comments

homerunDid someone say Homerun? Yep, it’s another Thursday and it wouldn’t be complete without our weekly run-though of what’s happening in PlayStation Home.

It’s quite a significant update worldwide today so let’s get down to business before we start writing next week’s.

It just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t start with the v1.21 update. In terms of new features, this patch doesn’t offer a great deal but that doesn’t matter as what it does bring to the table is good nevertheless.

Past all the numerous bug fixes and performance improvements the most notable enhancement is the new chat log.

Compared to the old one it now looks a lot sleeker and the dialogue is in the colour corresponding to the chosen theme for each avatar. Sony has also worked to squeeze more writing per line by dramatically reducing the font size.

Unfortunately they have probably gone one font size too small as, even on an HD display, it is not as readable as it should be.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s definitely an improvement and we especially like having the option of scrolling through the box and selecting a line to bring a small menu to view that person’s profile, block them, add to friends list or report them.

We also have a suggestion for the team: With the growing amount of new spaces getting added, it would be wiser to nudge the Locations tab of the PDA to the top. We’re busy people and this tweak would save us pressing the down button almost every time we use it. It’s only a minor suggestion but it would make it easier as, to be honest, we use it a lot more than going to the Wardrobe in an attempt to make our avatar look even more attractive than it already is.

Last week we discussed Resistance 2 Game Launching and this week we can actually talk about its arrival along with a special surprise; the Resistance 2 Game Space!

We didn’t see it coming ’til Wednesday and we are truly impressed with this space. It has to be arguably the best one we have seen so far; even more so than the EA Sports Complex. The so called ‘mini-game’ would be well suited as an actual part of the full game.

In it you can take control of a turret of giant guns and shoot down Chimera ships from the sky – it’s like jumping straight into the game without having to wait for the it to load. Hopefully this will be a good demonstration to other developers for what can be achieved in Home for them.

A second nice surprise is the Presentation Events space. It’s currently empty but we’re pretty certain it has something to do with a well-publicised gaming event starting in just over a week’s time.

The EA Sport Complex Space has had a minor upgrade too. You still can’t play golf but there are now improvements to the Poker games including leaderboards and the tables are now ranked with some of them requiring a certain collection of overall points to play.

Xi has little extra going for it this week but you can unlock a fragment by walking through Jess’s Apartment and looking for four two letter pieces of code dotted around on the walls.

Once you find all of them, put them together to get a word to enter into the HoloPad. If you need some help, just think of a well known scientist!

We hope you have enjoyed reading this week’s Homerun and feel all up-to-date with what’s happening in the living and breathing world of PlayStation Home. If you are not fully satisfied, unfortunately there will be no refunds, sorry.

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