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The Homerun – 28th May 09; Buzz! space and the fish are back

Submitted by on Thursday, 28 May 20092 Comments

homerunIt’s Thursday, and it’s time for another Homerun, the weekly run-through of whats happening in and around the world of PlayStation Home. There are a few good things to talk about so let’s go straight into it, OK?

SCEE has launched a new blog (hoorah!) and one of their opening blog posts announced a brand new game space. Last week we saw the arrival of the Resistance 2 space with its amazing mini-game. This time around we hear about Buzz! getting its own Home reincarnation.

Buzz! HQ is focused around a trivia quiz with up to 64 gamers. Four coloured zones of the space are marked out and to complete the questions you must walk into the area corresponding to the answer you believe is the correct one.

Getting the question right will earn you points and you can compete to get more than anyone else. A bonus to this game is that all the questions have been selected from ones written by the community on Top players can also earn prizes to give even more incentive to play. If this space is as good as it sounds and looks, it should be pretty sweet!

Who needs the real game when you can do it for free in Home?

Who needs the real game when you can do it for free in Home?

No release date has been announced so we will have to keep looking out for a further announcement on this one. Speaking of games, Crash Commando now supports Game Launching via a new patch recently released for the game. The list of compatible games are now growing which is very encouraging.

Content-wise this week, SCEE have provided very little but they promise us more goodies next week. But what we do get is an updated Home Square. You probably will notice nothing new except from one thing: The fish are back! We thought you’d be impressed.

After taking a short holiday somewhere, they have returned into the river running through the middle of the space. Sony even wants names for them so we suggest you give your suggestions in the thread on their forums here. For the North American side of things, not a substantial content update but you do get Ghostbusters statues for your apartment and clubhouse as well as a few shirts.

All should change next week however with E3 and all. But this week we heard in an interview with Peter Edward from the PlayStation Home Platform Group that over 6.5 million people have downloaded PlayStation Home so far, that’s around 30% of all PS3 owners. Other things were also discussed including that right now making a profit isn’t top priority for Sony.

The assumption is they see Home as a platform to differentiate itself from the competition rather than to make money directly from it. As per usual, Xi continues to evolve and the notable edition this week is Alpha Zone 3. This space is all about Mazes and as we write this, one maze is currently open.

This maze is quite unique because as you go along, walls rise when you walk towards them or fall to the ground when you walk away making navigation just that little bit harder.  But what makes it even tougher is that you will have to solve mini-puzzles at certain sections inside to progress. Eventually when you reach the end a fragment awaits you and the whole thing should take no longer than fifteen minutes. 

As this space is now open, we get the feeling Xi is nearing the end. All three of the Alpha Zones are open and the maintenance room appears to be complete as well. Also notable is that Nineteen out of twenty four fragments are available to unlock right now. Pretty soon we should find out the true identity of Xi. But back to reality and we are impressed with the game and it has been a good way of getting people to come back to Home while waiting for more content in the universe from third-parties.

Well that’s it for the Homerun for this week. The next Homerun will be at the end of E3, where we’re sure there will be a lot to talk about!