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TheHut go mad in May; PS3 games slashed in price for today only

Submitted by on Wednesday, 13 May 2009No Comment

THIS IS MADNESS!We don’t normally hark on about particular vendors when they have a sale. After all, we’re going through a global recession at the moment with consumers experiencing what amounts to a fire-sale each and every day.

UK merchant site TheHut, however, appear to have surpassed the fire stage altogether and have moved all the way up to “Supernova Sale – Everything Must Go! (Or go on fire)” with what they’re calling their May Madness event. We call it: “An opportunity that every cash-strapped PS3 owner who likes great games should not miss out on.”

Offering up to 60% off selected PS3 titles, the site warns that the cut-price phenomenon will last for one day (today is PS3 day) with them firing out as many discounted PS3 titles until stocks last.

Considering some of the great titles on offer for less than half their RRP, we say go now and get ordering before it’s too late. Add in the fact thay they offer free delivery in the UK and you’d be mad to miss out.

Sure, there’s a few oldies in there making up the numbers but you’ll also find LittleBigPlanet for £8.73/€10.43, HAWX for £17.73/€20.93, Fallout 3 for the same price and Saints Row 2 eye-balling your wallet for £15.73/€18.43.

Cheapest game on offer? Conan for the regal sum of £6.73/€7.93. Conan to your door for the price of a couple of cups of coffee and a muffin. Amazing.

No dollar prices quoted above as the site is UK based but at these great prices and an exchange rate of $1.50 to £1, depending on what they’ll charge to ship to the States, our US readers might still be interested. Probably not though, with the US economy in just as big of a tail-spin as the rest of the world, we’re assuming there are similar deals State-side. Free PS3 game when you submit your tax return?