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Behold the Inferno Pool trailer; the geekiest thing you’ll see today

Submitted by on Tuesday, 19 May 20092 Comments

Inferno PoolLast month we exclusively announced Inferno Pool is coming to a PSN near you. What we are now happy to reveal is that the frenetic pool title is actually about to hit a lot sooner than you might think.

Scheduled for a release on May 28th in PAL regions (so, not this Thursday, the next one), Inferno Pool promises to rekindle your childhood fascination of darkly lit smoke-filled caverns populated with angst-ridden men hell bent on beating newcomers into submission with their superior command of physics and felt-based acumen.

Of course, if you’re under the age of twenty right now then that last sentence is likely to be totally lost on you and you’ve probably no idea what pool is. It’s a game. With sticks. And balls. No, not hockey. The other one.

What better way to highlight the game’s competitive nature than some actual footage epitomising the spirit and utter geekiness of what happens when grown men gather around a console, talk smack and try to better their fellow man in a tribal contest. What the footage shows (apart from four guys goofing around) is just how Inferno Pool’s vindictive nature can surface in an instant. Watch as one guy goads his fellow opponent and then calls for the others to gang up and “get green”. We predict similar calls to arms will echo around many a household from the 28th onwards.

The brainchild of new kid on the digital distribution block, Dark Energy Digital, expect an interview with the creators of Inferno Pool to appear on PS3 Attitude later today. And yes, we’ll be asking what they were thinking filming people obviously under the influence of alcohol geeking out over their game and posting it on YouTube.

We probably won’t be mentioning the weird Yoda voice-over though. Somethings are just too strange to bring up in polite conversation.