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Konami announce new MGO features; everyone screams for Trophies

Submitted by on Thursday, 7 May 20094 Comments

MGOIt might be harder to get into than walking up to Fort Knox while dressed as the Hamburglar, but you have to admire Metal Gear Online’s tenacity and continued support.

The SCENE expansion pack may have come and gone but we now have news of further updates to the popular online game over at the official PS blog.

Race Mission! will see all players, not just those who picked up SCENE, able to participate in a new mode which we’re going out on a limb and christening “search and protect”.

Blue Team will seek out and then protect the KEROTAN target while those pesky Reds will do the same for the GO-KO target. You clear checkpoints if the player crosses with the target in hand though dropping and not picking it up within the required time will see your checkpoint reset.

Joining the new free mode is the thrilling “Patriot” feature. Gifted to a lucky select few each week (starting from the 26th), the player in question will have exclusive access to a 5.56mm Hand Rifle that never runs out of bullets. And you don’t have to worry about reloading either. You’re basically Chow Yun Fat in a John Woo Hong Kong film. You’ll have this bonus until the next ranking update.

If this free stuff is just too frugal for your opulent nature and you’re hell bent on spending some money, Konami’s Brandon Laurino would also like to remind fans that you can now purchase MGO wares straight from the PSN store using your virtual wallet. If only we could log in by using just our PSN IDs, Brandon.

If you check the article, and we highly recommend you do, you may also note the veritable torrent of comments from fans and detractors alike shouting in near unison for the same thing: MGS4/MGO Trophies. Konami’s response is predictably tight-lipped though they did mention there will be some awesome announcements made as we approach the one-year anniversary of Metal Gear Solid 4.

Whether this announcement will finally confirm the arrival of the highly sought after Trophies or merely a new Snake bandana available from the MGO in-game shop, Konami’s shop and the PlayStation Store (why not buy it three times?!) is anyone’s guess.