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Make music with .deTuned

Submitted by on Saturday, 2 May 20093 Comments

detunedIt’s not a game, it’s not an art piece, it’s .deTuned. After the release of the interactive Linger in the Shadows, the demoscene his significantly grown.

.theprodukkt has been in the business for quite some time with .kkrieger (it seems that all their ‘games’ begin with a period). .deTuned combines visuals with music for one interactive experience.

Players can create and manipulate their own environment to accompany music tracks from the XMB. Through the use of the SIXAXIS, you will take control of a man and his world.

Now we were all over Linger in the Shadows but this is just creepy, I mean, look at that smile. There has to be something evil about that. From the looks of the screenshots, it appears that you will be able to change the facial features of the man and the color of the backgrounds.

We’re sure there’s a lot more to this game than what we can see here and we won’t know about the music half until a video surfaces. So what are your thoughts? Will you be downloading .deTuned when it hits the PSN later this year?