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Meet Zoya: the Thief of Trine

Submitted by on Thursday, 28 May 2009One Comment

TrineWe’re really looking forward to Trine as, whether it’s down to its gorgeous colours and fantastical aesthetic or the fact that co-operative play forms such a big part of the core gameplay, it’s swiftly becoming an instant “must have” on our (ever growing) list.

Reminiscent of the good old days of Gauntlet, players take on the role of either Wizard, Warrior or Thief, working together to overcome puzzle-based obstacles that are subject to real-world physics.

While the magus Amadeus possesses an arsenal of spells and other arcane wonders like the ability to create objects, and Pontius, the Warrior, is obviously the strongest and most physically imposing of the trio, it’s Zoya, the archer-thief of the piece, who is gifted with probably the game’s most powerful virtue – the ability to manipulate time.

Zoya is also the culprit behind the game’s premise as, due to her avarice for gold and riches, it’s this roguish aspiration that leads to an attempt at stealing the mystical object known as the Trine and results in the threesome becoming bound to its mystical hold.

Appearances are rarely misleading in gaming so expect Zoya to show off her knavish nature by donning a hooded robe and keeping her face concealed. In terms of combat, though Pontius wins out at closer quarters, Zoya is better at long range attacks thanks to her bow and arrow. Also, with a grappling hook and, at a later stage some Ninja rope, she is by far the nimblest of the three allowing players to swing around levels as they solve puzzles and overcome adversaries.

But it’s the slowing of time where things really get interesting. Upgradable from a mere five seconds to a total of forty, the ability finds the thief moving at normal speed while her world grinds to a near halt around her.

Trine will see a release on the PSN in July.