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Modern Warfare 2: The Reveal Trailer

Submitted by on Monday, 25 May 20092 Comments

Modern Warfare 2After a series of tantalising glimpses, we’re finally able to get a good look at the sequel to Game of the Year, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and all-round big hitter, Modern Warfare 2.

Infinity Ward’s highly anticipated follow-up appears to pick up right after the first game ended with the trailer putting a lot of emphasis on the game’s plot and how the actions from the first campaign appear to have come back to haunt the SAS/USMC joint forces. Scattered throughout the footage you’ll see familiar Russian faces and even old handle-bar himself, Captain Price.

That’s not to say the reveal is lacking in explosions and high-action as, if there’s one thing the boys over at Infinity Ward know, it’s how to blow things up, and usually with you still in the building.

Apart from the focus on the game’s story, the trailer is a revealing montage of some of the new locales we’ll undoubtedly get to know very well this November. You’ll see more of the snow-based level as well as airports, the rooftops of Rio and other hot and humid environments teeming with rebels and other hostiles.