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Motorstorm: Pacific Rift gets new update

Submitted by on Tuesday, 12 May 20094 Comments

motorstorm-2-pacifica-a1The sequel to one of Sony’s main titles for the launch of the PS3 hasn’t had a lot of press since release, which is an odd thing considering it’s not a bad game. 

Well today we have some news on the game to talk about with you. The game has got its second major patch.

There isn’t a lot of new things in this update, but for those of you who play the game you may be happy to see some new things to check out.

The biggest new introduction is in the form of something called Microbadges and there are a total of 40 in the game for accomplishing certain aspects of the game.

This feature reminds us a lot of trophies but it is something completely separate. Additionally, they have removed a short-cut in ‘Sugar Rush’ which apparently was never meant to be there in the first place. 

Funny how it has taken them this long to find out. There are a number of other minor improvements too in gameplay and fixes to bugs thanks to the feedback from gamers.

They like to hear your impressions on the update on their forums, and so do we in the comments section below!