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New Borderlands screens; just don’t mention the “C” word

Submitted by on Friday, 1 May 2009No Comment

BorderlandsWe have some new Borderlands imagery for your delectation and, call us absolutely crazy, but … that kinda looks like cel-shading to us.

This of course is in stark defiance to Gearbox’s claim that their upcoming FPS is both gritty and serious; no place for such a bouncy and happy visual style like cel-shading.

Maybe they’re right, and who are we to argue with the guys behind the actual code and artistic direction of the game; maybe it is not technically cel-shading. Sure as hell looks like it though.

The new shots show off some road bandits and spider ants in a dusty and inhospitable environment with a distinctive Max Max theme. In a good way of course as we’re big fans of the Road Warrior. These new screens also give us a better look at the new art direction of the game – which is not cel-shading in any shape or form by the way.

In fairness, there is a definite Prince of Persia vibe going on here which we openly applaud considering our secret hopes that the bold and visually stunning look of the latest Prince game would influence other studios to follow suit and try something different when it came to a game’s graphical direction.

As long as you don’t call it cel-shading of course.