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New Ghostbusters Video Ain’t Afraid Of No Multiplayer

Submitted by on Thursday, 14 May 20094 Comments

ghostbustersWatch the new Ghostbusters trailer and get that 1980’s feeling in you.  Never mind the readings on your PKE meter, that’s nostalgia filling up your body, not Slimer playing tricks on you.

The video features all new weapons, enemies and the icing on the cake: multiplayer.  It also features a very menacing and not so cute looking Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but we’re trying not to think about him anymore.

Apparently capped at four Ghostbusters playing together, there are no details about what specific multiplayer modes will be available.  We noticed a timer on the multiplayer portions of the video which was replenished at one point after a ghost was defeated.  We hope this just but one of many, many multiplayer modes.

Sadly it looks like local multiplayer will not make it to the next-gen versions, online multiplayer won that fight.  Our coop dreams are shattered.  Or are they really?  It may be too soon to give up the dream; we’ll know more when Ghostbusters the videogame gets closer to its June 2009 release date.

It seems ludicrous that the Ghostbusters videogame was in development limbo for some time.  Somebody should spend a couple of hours in a ghost trap for keeping us in suspense, don’t you think?