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New Star Trek D-A-C trailer suspiciously looks like new Star Trek film

Submitted by on Wednesday, 6 May 2009No Comment

Star Trek D-A-CThough this is probably a tad harsh, it does appear we are boldly entering a new frontier where a Star Trek film can both please Trek aficionados and film fans alike.

It’s therefore no surprise to see Paramount cashing in on their new flick with a Star Trek themed game. And, just as the film bucks the trend of heavy exposition, mind-numbing galactic hegemony and boring Federation diplomacy, they’ve also gone for the balls-to-the-wall shoot-phasers-and-have-sex-with-aliens-later approach with Star Trek: D-A-C.

We proffer here the latest trailer of the game with the obvious observation: we know this is a PSN title and not the grand sweeping epic game some people might have expected as a tie-in with the new movie but, was it really necessary to use 85% film footage in the trailer?

After all, we get that it’s based on Star Trek. We don’t need to see Sylar Spock going ape on Kirk or endless fancy action sequences to connect the dots. Do we?