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Nippon Ichi are busy; two new JRPGs incoming

Submitted by on Friday, 8 May 2009No Comment

Trinity UniverseProbably best known outside of Japan for their Disgaea games, Nippon Ichi Software (or NIS) are hard at work making the natural shift over to the HD era and embracing the PS3.

With the Disgaea, Darkstalkers and Ar Tonelico character mashup Cross Edge finally about to hit in NA and EU, Nippon Ichi have revealed they are also hard at work on two new titles – Trinity Universe and Last Rebellion.

Now that Valkyria Chronicles is experiencing a late (and deserved) surge in popularity, and Square Enix appear to have finally realised Sony have a next-gen console for this generation, just like the hackneyed wail of “No Games!” associated with our beloved PS3 for so long, we predict the second most popular gripe of “No RPGs!” is about to fade into the annals of history.

Exclusive to the PS3, first up is Trinity Universe; a new smorgasbord of Japanese characters in yet another cross-over game. If you think this is Cross Edge 2: Cross Edgier, you’re not far off the mark. Joining NIS (again) are Gust and Idea Factory as they bring the characters from Atelier Viorate and Disgaea together, this time in glorious 3D. Siliconera have run with an excellent story about what type of JRPG we’ll be getting and it does sound a little like the oft-lauded and perennially forgotten Xenogears/Xenosaga games.

In an interesting twist, we’re presented with two complimentary factions. The Goddess side contains all the Gust characters (Viorate Platane and Pamela Ibis) while the yin to its yang is the Demon Lord cabal featuring the Disgaea gang (Etna, Flonne,Prinny, et. al.). Trinity Universe will release in Japan this August. You should expect an English version in 2010.

The second title on its way, and also a PS3 excusive, is Last Rebellion. The game has two main characters, Nine a “Blade” who specialises in physical attacks, and his female companion, Aisha, a” Sealer” who favours magic to “seal” enemies. When you’re not controlling one character, the game AI manages the other with the ability to switch back and forth depending on your whim or, more likely, strategy.

Though they’re promising spectacular watercolour-esque visuals, it’s either very early in the game’s development cycle or the designers need to brush up on their art appreciation as, right now, it lacks any graphical appeal. Of course, the gameplay will decide whether or not it is a success and not how many polygons it can throw at you but, no matter how we spin it, it does look a little bland at the moment.