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North American PS Store Update For May 28th – Not The One To Be Outdone By Europe

Submitted by on Friday, 29 May 2009No Comment

psn-usWe were almost ready to throw in the towel and concede update Thursday superiority to Europe, but no, here comes the North American PS Store.  Be warned, it came out swinging.

You got Cellfactor and Inferno Pool?  We got Resident Evil Director’s Cut; a classic!  Crash Commando demo? Got it. Cellfactor demo? No thanks, busy playing Resident Evil.  Saint’s Row 2, MotorStorm 2 and Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 add-ons? Check, check and check.

You got one Sonic add-on huh? We got four Age of Booty free map packs, two Chronicles of Riddick packs (one free) and two Resistance 2 multiplayer skins (both free).  LittleBigPlanet? We got an extra costume with Judge Dredd: Judge Anderson.  Rock Band? Got an extra song: “Kids Don’t Follow” by The Replacements.

We even got a broader selection of videos, six of your eight videos were Killzone 2 related; we got six videos, and only two are Red Faction 2 related.

So there you go Europe, the ball is in your court.

Today’s PS Store Updates:  Japan / Hong Kong / Europe / North America

PSone Classics PS3 / PSP

  • Resident Evil Director’s Cut ($9.99)

Game Demos (free)

  • Crash Commando Demo

Add-on Game Content

  • LittleBigPlanet 2000AD Costume Pack ($5.99)
  • LittleBigPlanet Rogue Trooper Costume ($1.99)
  • LittleBigPlanet Johnny Alpha Costume ($1.99)
  • LittleBigPlanet Hammerstein Costume ($1.99)
  • LittleBigPlanet Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson Costumes ($1.99)
  • MotorStorm Pacific Rift Mohawk Signature Livery Pack (free)
  • Resistance 2 Multiplayer Grim Skin (free)
  • Resistance 2 Malikov MP Skin (free)
  • Age of Booty Map Pack 6 (free)
  • Age of Booty Map Pack 7 (free)
  • Age of Booty Map Pack 8 (free)
  • Age of Booty Map Packs 9 (free)
  • Chronicles of Riddick: EFBB Commentary Mode (free)
  • Chronicles of Riddick: AODA Premium MP Pack ($9.99)
  • Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Pack 4 ‘War!?’ (free)
  • Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Pack 5 ‘Holy cow! Look at all this sweet junk! 1’ (free)
  • Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Pack 6 ‘Holy cow! Look at all this sweet junk! 2’ (free)
  • Saint’s Row 2: Corporate Warfare DLC ($6.99)

Rock Band

  • “Cuz U R Next”— Ministry ($1.99)
  • “LiesLiesLies”— Ministry ($1.99)
  • “The Great Satan”— Ministry ($1.99)
  • Ministry Pack 01 ($5.49)
  • “Linger”— The Cranberries ($1.99)
  • “She’s Not There”— The Zombies ($1.99)
  • “Tell Her No”— The Zombies ($1.99)
  • “Kids Don’t Follow”— The Replacements ($1.99)

Guitar Hero World Tour

  • “The Touch” by Stan Bush (free)

Game Videos (free)

  • Trash Panic Preview Trailer
  • inFamous Hero’s Journey Trailer
  • The BIGS 2 Minigames Teaser Trailer
  • Madden NFL 10 Reveal Trailer
  • Red Faction: Guerrilla Tools of Destruction Trailer 3
  • Red Faction: Guerrilla Tools of Destruction Trailer 4

PS3 Themes

  • Demons Theme ($1.49)