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Orphaned. Exiled. Imprisoned. The new Bayonetta trailer

Submitted by on Tuesday, 26 May 2009One Comment

BayonettaOriginally posted on Eurogamer’s Portuguese site, we’re including the new Bayonetta trailer here courtesy of Buttonbasher who’ve graciously provided a handy embedded version.

Kamiya-san’s kinetic tale of bullets and witches is looking more and more impressive and, dare we say, adult. Expect coarse language, furtive glimpses of supple witch-flesh (we mentioned Bayonetta’s clothing is essentially what amounts to sentient hair, right?) and totally over the top action.

The hyperactive battle sequences are interspersed with snippets of plot and background of the game’s universe along with cheeky protagonist of the piece, the delectable Bayonetta herself. There’s also new characters on display including a malevolent blonde and numerous boss baddies.

If you’re thinking this is basically Dante with breasts, you wouldn’t be a million miles off the mark. That said, Kamiya-san has assured that the game differentiates itself enough to elevate the experience beyond a mere parody of his own past achievements.

Platinum Games’ frenetic supernatural actioner is scheduled for release this year.