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Overlord II Gets One Release Date And A Horde Of Maniacal Minions

Submitted by on Saturday, 2 May 20092 Comments

overlordii_wolf-mountsEvil may have a new face, but your old minion friends are back just as you remember them.  Only harder, better, faster, stronger and funnier.

Overlord II is coming sooner than you may have expected with new features and surprises that fans of the original Overlord: Raising Hell (guilty) hoped for.

Let’s be honest, the minions stole the show in Overlord: Raising Hell.  ‘The Master’ may be one the baddest looking game protagonists out there, but deep down you know you want to be a minion.  Killing halflings, terrorizing the women and riding sheep.  We all wanted to do at least one of those at some point in our lives.  Am I right?

The release date is set, June 26th.  The overlord has risen again, no idea how.  The minions are ready, for anything…anything.  It’s up to you to make good use of them, or even become one of them for a while.  Yes friends, the trailer above is full of new features that got us even more excited for Overlord II.

Pick a worthy minion to transfer your power using a magical mini tower of sorts, and the rest of them will follow him as they followed you.  Same destructive minion power minus the hulking overlord sticking out like a sore thumb.  Now your minions can infiltrate enemy strongholds without raising too much suspicion.

Also new to Overlord II are minion mounts, how WoW of them.  Browns have deadly ‘wolvies’, reds ride nature’s flamethrower the fire salamanders (!?) and greens are sneakier than ever with their giant spiders that climb walls and reach areas no other minion can.  The gameplay possibilities have broadened considerably from the original Overlord: Raising Hell.  Clearly we are very excited for Overlord II.

We would like to leave you with an existential question:  If you were a minion, what would you do?  Bust heads like the powerful brown?  Burn the land like the fiery red?  Gain the upper hand with your magic like the blue? Stab your enemies in the back like the sneaky green?  Have others do your bidding without them knowing like the scheming Gnarl?  Or have the last laugh like our favorite minion of all, the Jester?