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Pain is coming to a Blu-ray disc near you

Submitted by on Tuesday, 12 May 20092 Comments

painA big favourite on the PlayStation Network is the game PAIN, and since it’s launch we have seen new maps and characters introduced including David Hasslehoff.

PAIN first released back in November 29th 2007 in North America and the 20th of March last year for Europe. But now it’s going to see a release onto Blu-ray.

With the success that it has on its shoulders, it’s no surprise that Sony have decided to give it a proper release for the shops.

We are also glad to read that it packs in some decent additional content too that you would otherwise have to purchase separately from the Store.

The game’s page on the PlayStation website says you are treated to 15 characters to put onto your giant catapult. And after observing the screenshots, it appears all the new maps are there too.

We understand that it may not be as good as going on your PS3 and playing the game straight away without changing discs after another game of Killzone 2, but a full retail release makes life easier for those of you who want the “whole package”.

For instance, you don’t have the hassle of downloading every new addition and filling up your precious hard drive space.

Right now a very vague ‘June 2009’ release schedule is given so it shouldn’t be too long before it is sitting there on the shelves.

We look forward to hearing more about the release very soon, including the all-important release date.