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Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

Submitted by on Wednesday, 20 May 20093 Comments

zombie-apocalypseAll of us here at PS3 Attitude Towers are huge fans of zombie games. We enjoy shooting them in the head, burning them, or just going on a zombie killing spree. We also now have a little more information on the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse than just a few screenshots.

Using influences from some of their favorite zombie flicks, the folks over at Konami and Nihilistic have create the perfect zombie infested environment to take out all that built up anger and aggression, preferably with a chainsaw. With a total of seven different locations including a graveyard, a cabin by the woods, and an airport, you’re sure to get quite a but of exercise running around from place to place.

What’s the point in killing zombies if there is no point system? That’s where 55 Days of Terror comes in. Each level in the game is a single day for the survivors with the ultimate goal being to live through all 55 days. The longer you survive, the greater the multiplier increases. Bonus points are awarded for rescuing survivors or luring zombies into environmental traps. Be creative and aim for the most points possible.


So you’ve survived all 55 Days of Terror. What’s next you ask? There are two more modes, “7 Days of Hell” and “Hardcore” for the bravest of the brave. Don’t forget that you can play along with a friend, both locally and online. For those of you who only decide to get games based on whether they have trophies or not (Danny_D, we’re looking at you), it has those as well.

Zombie Apocalypse is looking to be a fantastic addition to the PSN. With film influences including Return of the Living Dead, Evil Dead, Night of the Living Dead, we only have one question. Where’s Shaun of the Dead?