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PROTOTYPE “Mission Variety” walkthrough shows missions, variety

Submitted by on Friday, 1 May 2009One Comment

PrototypeThere might not be a fancy pants Uncharted 2 multiplayer demo attached like a certain other sandbox game we can think of, but that’s not to say PROTOTYPE (note the caps) isn’t going to deliver in the action and excitement departments.

A new walkthrough video has popped up that describes some of the game’s varied and action packed missions.

We’re thinking there is definitely enough diversity on offer here to elevate PROTOTYPE above your usual “punch everybody until everybody is dead” shtick.

Tim Bennison from Radical Entertainment talks us through a motley of mission types available in the game. We get to see a “Rescue” chase through the city showing off Alex Mercer’s locomotive abilities as well as a devastating “Giant Karate Chopâ„¢” move.

Another mission on offer includes “Stealth”, a more strategic challenge that allows Alex to impersonate a soldier to achieve his objective. This mission also depicts a delicious patsy move where you can essentially finger another soldier as your Doppelganger and sit back and watch the AI take him out.

We don’t want to ruin it for you, so check out the other missions: “Disable”, “Protect” and “Infiltrate” yourself and see what you think.

As Tim says, over the top action requires some over the top missions and we feel PROTOTYPE does not disappoint in this area. Finally, there’s a nice surprise for those who watch all the way to the end of the footage. Our opinion on the matter? We wouldn’t have it any other way.

PROTOTYPE is out on June 5th in Europe and the following 9th in North America.