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PROTOTYPE Opening Cinematic

Submitted by on Friday, 8 May 20094 Comments

prototypelogo_layered_psd_jpgcopyHot off the heels of the impressive ‘Mission Variety‘ video comes the opening cinematic for PROTOTYPE.  The video showcases the protagonist Alex Mercer showing his acrobatic prowess in the run down and seemingly isolated New York City streets during the day, before showing us the perils that come with the night.

Mercer is out for answers, revenge and maybe a little human snack; which should come fairly easy given all his superhuman abilities showcased so far. 

We can’t help but make an instant connection with the movie I Am Legend (during the daytime scenes particularly) which, as fans of the movie, is a big plus in our book.  We don’t remember Will Smith sprouting claws, dismembering commandos, deflecting rockets or shape shifting though…maybe in the director’s cut.

PROTOTYPE is still slated for a June release (5th in Europe and 9th in North America) roughly a week after another open-world game hits the streets as well.