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PSFree Attitude Week 2

Submitted by on Tuesday, 19 May 20094 Comments

ps_free_attitude_adIt is Tuesday, and you know what that means, don’t you?

Yes, today and repeating every Tuesday, PS3 Attitude is becoming PSFree Attitude.

So as usual we’ll be giving away all sorts of freebies to our loyal Twitter followers every week with prizes ranging from PSN codes for new games and DLC to physical swag that we have here at Attitude Towers.

We told you it was a good time to be following us on Twitter, didn’t we?

So here’s how PSFree Attitude will work every week*.

1. Follow us on Twitter

2. We’ll publish details of the next giveaway on Twitter

3. You follow the instructions

4. You find the answers

5. First to claim the prize is the winner

Since we’re a global team with a worldwide audience, we have PSN codes and swag to give away for various regions. Read our Tweets carefully to make sure you are going for a code you can actually use.

If you claim a code for a region outside of the one you live in, there is nothing we can do if your download won’t work on your PS3 – sorry.

For PSN codes, the winner will be the first to find the answer and type the code into the PlayStation Network. You don’t have to be in front of your PS3 to claim the prize; you can use your PSP (with the latest firmware) or your PC (using Media Manager 3) to claim the prize and then just download it at your leisure from your PS3 later.

What happens if you unravel the full code, type it in and it says the code is invalid? If that happens, it means someone got there before you.

For physical prizes, the winner will be the first to find the answer and send it to us, but we’ll change the way you need to report that answer each week, just to keep things fresh. Again, look out for the instructions every Tuesday.

Shall we begin? PSFree Attitude will run all day, so look out for details of when the fun starts on our Twitter feed.

P.S. The Twitter sidebar widget will be disabled every Tuesday, so the only way to get in on the action is to follow us on Twitter. Enjoy!

*Until we get bored and/or run out of prizes…