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PSN downtime

Submitted by on Thursday, 14 May 20094 Comments

psn-logo-300x216As I crawled out of my cave and into the sunlight, blinking life back into my numb eyes, I came across the scent of something untoward. A harbinger of distress and chaos had cast a shadow on the horizon.

No matter how hard I focussed on the elusive form, it took some careful analysis to discern a recognisable shape in this shadow of impending despair.

Alas what I found was truly heartbreaking and shall indeed cause many an intrepid gaming wanderer cause for concern. In bringing this news to light, we can only remind you of our position as messengers of the gaming powers that be. We are but mere mortals bridging the gap between the gaming public and the great minds of the industry.

With that said, let’s get to the actual news…

There will be some PlayStation Network downtime over the next few days, namely Thursday and Saturday.

Thursday will see a distinct lack of activity between 3PM and 6PM AEDT and Saturday from 4:30PM right through to Sunday morning at 6:30AM.

While this is no doubt to get some great new things in place for whatever is coming as well as perform the usual mandatory upgrade stuff, you have to wonder at the times Sony have opted to carry out this maintenance.

The weekend is surely the most popular time for online gaming and Thursday is update day. No doubt that when the update is done and the PSN is back up and running, the Thursday store update will have been fired up along with the server reboot, but still…

So what will you be doing this weekend instead of playing all your online games?