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Resistance 2 patch today; launching from Home delayed

Submitted by on Thursday, 14 May 20093 Comments

Resistance 2The diligent soldiers among you who’ve already signed up to resist the Chimeran onslaught will no doubt remember recent patch/firmware shenanigans concerning whether or not the Resistance 2 1.50 patch would accommodate dual PSN account log in from one PS3.

Well, we’ve moved on since then but the Resistance 2 update saga continues with news reaching us from the MyResistance forums that, though originally pencilled in as a key feature of update 1.60, the ability to launch Resistance 2 from Home has been delayed.

That’s not to say the patch doesn’t deliver in other departments of course.

Available from today, May 14th, check out the full list of updates here:

  • Access to Allies menu has been fixed
  • You can now launch Resistance 2 from Home
  • Added “Send Message” to the player interaction menu
  • “Ring of Life” Berserk energy is depleted upon activation
  • The DLC multiplayer map “Outpost” is now listed under “Northern Orick” instead of “Southern Orick”
  • Added coop Superhuman mode text to the “Create Game” screen
  • Added re-game time to the ticker
  • Meltdown leaderboard has been fixed
  • You can now earn a “Field Medic” ribbon” by healing the other split-screen player
  • Players will no longer be awarded the “Collector” ribbon while dead
  • Any XP and Gray Tech earned in offline cooperative games will be retained when the player goes online (this will help address any stats issues some of you experienced after the release of the previous patch)

EGMBryan, the administrator who brought the update to our attention, goes on to say that the patch actually contains the Home launching nuts and bolts; there’s just some complimentary work going on in Home at the moment that is required before the feature is active. Expect it next month when it will be “worth the wait.”

EGMBryan also mentions that some of the routine fixes contained within the update, while no real need to call them out, do involve improvements to areas such as match-making and the scourge of impromptu disconnects.

Alt source: TalkPlaystation