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Sacred 2 In One Week, Eleven Screenshots Now

Submitted by on Wednesday, 6 May 2009No Comment

sfa_ps3_09Sacred 2 is coming.  Sacred 2 is gold.  Sacred 2 has coop.  Sacred 2 has mounts.  Do yourself a favor and don’t click on that last link. It will only lead to confusion and/or hilarity.  Mostly confusion.  But we digress.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is one week away in North America and a full month away for Europe.  But don’t let that get you down Europe.  Enjoy these screens until we can all enjoy some intercontinental cooperative play.  And mounting.

Speaking of mounting, so far we have spotted such colorful mounts as Siegfried and Roy’s ‘playful’ white tiger, a red Chocobo, My Little Pony’s big brown brother, and MC Pee Pants.  MC Pee Pants is of course surrounded by his adoring fans.  Adoring sword-wielding fans.  It looks like MC Pee Pants gets killed.  Again.

What other peculiar sights have caught your eye in the gallery below?  Free cookies if you find Waldo.