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SCEE Home Q and A; The Results

Submitted by on Monday, 4 May 2009No Comment

playstation-home-bubblesWe mentioned it in our weekly Homerun last week (which is a good read by the way), and now we have the results back.

drvixx was given the opportunity to ask ten questions to the SCEE Home team on the 1st of May and now she has come onto the Official European PlayStation forums with the results…

We won’t do a straight copy-and-paste of the whole thing as that is no use for anyone. Instead we will give you a summary of what was discussed.

Originally they weren’t certain on where Home should be heading, but now their focus is for everything in Home to be on gaming, including content from third-parties. We’re assuming this doesn’t include partners making clothes in the Shopping Centre.

Trophy rooms aren’t completely ruled out just yet, but for now their focus is on other elements of Home, specifically ones you can share with anyone, not just people on your friends list.

They like the idea of sharing music experiences with other people, but Europeans won’t see copy of Listen@Home in the Home Square because that space is older than the US Central Plaza and isn’t as efficient with memory allocation. Although we must question why they choose to stick with the current square in the first place. 

They are discussing with third-parties about creating some music games which will be interesting. Personally we would love to see in-game XMB music as a starting point before moving on to playing music with others.

Sony are focused on delivering interactive elements in spaces over adding new items to the inventory. They also acknowledge that the Bubble Machines can be a pest and suggest that the ‘Stuff’ store could be removed in the future. We suggest getting rid of the inventory altogether as we can’t really see it offering much use in the future and is unnecessary.

They have plans for introducing voice and text chat between people from different locations in Home. Hopefully this will include different regions too, as this would help with the issue of having to go to private spaces to meet them.

SCEE are interested in clothing previews in shops in a similar way to the wardrobe, but they underline the fact they have to prioritise things, and “cross-instance chat” takes higher priority.

If possible, they want every first-party game to have game launching, but they understand this can be hard with PSN games that are normally made from small teams who may choose additional game features over home support.

Finally, they want us to come back to Home on Thursday as they have something planned involving public spaces and/or clubhouses. A new appartment perhaps? If you can’t make it into Home, then don’t worry as we will certainly be discussing amongst other things in our next Homerun on the same day.

Remember of course that a lot of the things discussed may be specific to only Europe, and priorities and content varies from region to region.

As always please share your views on the comments section below. We look forward to hearing all your thoughts.