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Show Disregard To Public And Private Property With Tekken 6

Submitted by on Sunday, 3 May 2009No Comment

tekken_6-ps3screenshots2367112Most fighting games have you beating the crap of your opponent, some may even have you beating the crap of two or three opponents, but Tekken 6 not only wants you to break your opponent’s body and will; it wants you to break the stage too while you’re at it.

Walls and floors are fair game, as long as you use your enemy’s body to break them.  New combo and juggle opportunities arise out of this new game mechanic, which makes Tekken 6 even more technical, strategic and fun to play.

In the midst of classic franchises making a comeback and forgotten franchises trying to get back in the game, Tekken 6 is not about to let its guard down by relying on the good old tried and true fighting game formula of previous installments.  Tekken has always tried to improve and change things up for the better in every new game.  Be it by character balancing, combo tweaks, new characters, new features, etc…; we can honestly say that no Tekken plays the same as the other.

Tekken 6 appears to be the most ambitious yet.  34 returning characters, six new characters, create your own character or customize an existing one to something completely different (if none of those 40 are good enough for you) , HD graphics running at 60 fps, online play, the aforementioned dynamic, interactive and destructible environments and more.

Speaking of more, take a look at the new ‘item moves’ at the very end of the video.  Buy and equip a special item and you can use it in battle.  These range from the awesome, like Devil Jin’s evil magic sword or Brian’s shotgun, to the WTF, like Bob’s top hat that shoots white doves.  Tadaa, this is Tekken.