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Sony Ericsson launch PS3 Remote Play phone

Submitted by on Thursday, 28 May 20097 Comments

sony-ericsson-aino-luminous-white_with-remote-play3Speaking at a press event in London tonight, Sony Ericsson have revealed the AINO, a multimedia phone that has the PS3 Remote Play feature built-in.

Sporting a touch screen, a slide-out keypad and a stereo Bluetooth headset, the AINO is one of three new phones that fit into Sony Ericsson’s new ‘Communication Entertainment’ strategy.

Along with other new device announcements such as the YARI, a new gaming phone with motion-sensing ‘gesture games’, and the SATIO, a device previously launched in Barcelona under the name ‘Idou’, Sony Ericsson are offering three new devices that effectively merge their long-standing Walkman and Cybershot brands.

Whilst they are not replacing either of those brand names with this new approach entirely (there will still be new Walkman and Cybershot phones), these devices – touted for a Q4 2009 release – are part of SE’s attempt at taking on the might of players like Apple who have managed to bring business and entertainment together in one device.

Whilst all the new devices have the DLNA Media Server capability seen in the C905, the phone of most interest to us here at Attitude Towers is, of course, the AINO.

Sporting the PSP’s full PS3 Remote Play system, this mobile phone allows you to access your PS3, and therefore all your HDD content and PlayTV, from your phone using the built-in WiFi or 3G connections.

The AINO also comes with a docking station for the phone and the Bluetooth headset that not only charges both, but allows you to wirelessly sync your PC media content to the mobile phone.

Look out for more on this new device tomorrow, with our hands-on impressions and video for your delectation.