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Sony sums up its summer PSN schedule

Submitted by on Saturday, 2 May 2009One Comment

PSNIf you’re agoraphobic, have an almost vampiric distaste for the sun or just addicted to PSN titles in general, Sony’s summer plans for downloadable content should practically guarantee you a sedimentary and indoor existence over the coming months.

Sending out press information like a messenger heralding an approaching onslaught, Sony are in buoyant form and only too happy to bang their new content war-drum.

Of course, most of the information concerns games we know all too well are coming; considering, for the most part, we’re eagerly counting the days until their respective release dates, so consider this a summary – a consolidation if you will of Sony’s PSN plans for mid 2009.

PixelJunk 1-4

First up, and high on our collective want list, is Q-Games’ latest PixelJunk offering known only as 1-4 (for now). Admittedly, we based a lot of our initial excitement around 1-4 down to Q-Games’ previous outings. Marrying simple yet addictive gameplay with ingenuity and fun, Dylan Cuthbert’s Kyoto studio have become synonymous in the industry with creativity and innovation. Then we saw the trailer and promptly lost our collective minds.

The release tells us little we don’t already know. Cavernous exploration, battling elements such as magma and water, all the while combating adversaries with missiles and strategy. High Frequency Bandwidth, formally known as The Orb, are on music duties and we’re promised a “late summer” release date. It’s not often we wish our summer away but, if it meant getting closer to PixelJunk 1-4, this is definitely an exception.

Trash Panic

We covered Gomibako’s English rendition last month and can’t recommend it enough. It’s Tetris meets Greenpeace as you strategically fill up your trash space with mattresses, old bikes and a cornucopia of other refuse items. Unlike Tetris however, the combinations required to eradicate the “blocks” do not rely completely on how shapes relate to one another but also on your knowledge of physics and recycling. Large wooden objects will smash others, fire let loose on combustible items will cause them to burn out and enzymes placed near biodegradable waste will cause it to decompose and disappear. Trash Panic should cater to all your green needs this month.


We mentioned Deturned only yesterday with the fact that Sony are now sending out more information about the quirky title suggestive of one thing: it’s time to get the hype train fuelled up for what could be a very interesting interactive musical experience. Referred to as an “abstract and surreal interactive gaming experience like no other”, we tend to agree. It’s somewhat like Vib Ribbon in that you can interact with your own music tracks by using the SIXAXIS controller to manipulate what you see in harmony with the music and influence a human character and his world. No, we don’t know what that actually means either.

Fat Princess

One PS3 Attitude staff member is already “the best there is” at Fat Princess with the game promising to ensnare all of us as soon as it emerges from the darkness of its beta. We’ve reported on Fat Princess to gluttony induced death so, what’s more to say? How about 16 on 16 cake-wars with classes such as priest, mage, warrior, worker and ranger? Yeah, we thought that might get your sugar levels up a little. The only other vital piece of information in the official release is that the game is still promised for summer. Not like PixelJunk 1-4 which is late summer. We’re talking summer summer here suggesting it could be here anytime over the next few weeks. Here’s hoping they have enough time to perfect the recipe and eliminate some of those unsavory tangs we found in the beta. We’re optimistic of course.

Savage Moon: Waldgeist

In somewhat of a surprise announcement, fans of tower defence games with a strong bug hatin’ Starship Troopers flavour should welcome the news that an add-on pack for Savage Moon is incoming. Waldgeist, which means “woodland spirit” in German, features six new levels, new bugs and towers along with a new final mission. Would you like to know more? Well, that’s about it. Other than the fact that the pack will be with us next month in June.

Finally, though not PS3 related, Sony also took this opportunity to remind everyone that PixelJunk Monsters is coming to the PSP. Considering we’re registered Monsters addicts already, we’ve chosen to ignore this for fear of falling off the Monster Wagon and neglecting to sleep for three days in the never-ending quest for rainbows like last time. For the rest of you, Monsters PSP has a whole new island with ten new levels.