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Sony to publish Ghostbusters; timed exclusivity confirmed

Submitted by on Wednesday, 6 May 20093 Comments

ghostbustersWe still love Phil Harrison.

He might have jumped off the good ship Sony to fulfil a lifelong dream of heading up a studio but that doesn’t mean he isn’t able to put a smile on our collective faces around these PS3 themed parts.

Announced at the denouement of a Sony event in Sydney, Australia, Sony will help Atari publish and distribute the upcoming spectral infused Ghostbusters title.

Though originally quoted as a concurrent multi-platform game (and we’re talking every platform known to Zuul), this recent development has certain ramifications for non-Sony versions of the game.

We’re not going to jump to the conclusion that Ghostbusters is going to be a PS3 exclusive. After all, there’s nothing to support this claim and Sony may be simply recognising a good business endeavour when they see one and want to get on the Ghostbusters gravy-train. There’s also the old adage of “We don’t pay for exclusivity” that has echoed through the halls of Sony from the start of this generation.

Update: Sony have now put out a statement that categorically confirms the game is a timed exclusive.

This summer, PlayStation owners will be the first to grab their proton packs and fight the spirit world.”

Note the word “first”. The publishing deal with Sony suggests the PS3, PS2 and PSP will enjoy a period of timed exclusivity, and though there are numerous publications across the internet claiming Sony have the exclusive rights to the game, we do not believe this to be the case. An Atari representative also adds credence to the timed exclusivity theory by commenting to VG247 that “non-PlayStation Ghostbusters SKUs will definitely release later this year.”

Unlike some, we think third-party exclusivity is just that – exclusive. In other words, it excludes certain gamers from playing great games so, though we’re happy that Sony will enjoy a boon from the early release of the game on their devices, it means non-Sony gamers still get to enjoy what is looking to be a stellar, and spooky, title.

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