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Test footage of Team Ico’s next game revealed

Submitted by on Wednesday, 20 May 20095 Comments

TricoIt’s really turning out to be a week of “megaton” reveals.

With yesterday’s news of Fallout 3 DLC coming to the PS3 first to shake the foundations of fanboydom, we now have footage from arguably the most secretive “in development” PS3 title right now – Team Ico’s next game – leaked on to the web.

PS3 news site PlayStation Lifestyle, in what we can only assume is a ballsy display of audaciousness, have posted up early footage from Ueda-san’s first PS3 offering, the aforementioned “working titled” Trico.

If we’re being honest, we wrestled somewhat with the decision to report this. After all, PS3 Attitude’s view on rumours, leaks and general hearsay is well documented – we try and stay away from it as much as possible. This is simply because we feel the benefits gained from speculating on gossip or stories from other sites who have obviously broken embargoes does not outweigh the positives gained from being able to tell our readers: when you come here for news – it’s just that – news. We don’t regurgitate wild conjecture which, let’s face it, is a staple trait of the gaming industry.

That said, when respected news sites are linking to the actual video in question and confirmations regarding its authenticity are coming out of the woodwork, not commenting on it would be near impossible and could even smack of an Emperor’s New Clothes type fiasco. Trico footage? What Trico footage?!

So, what do we know from this early glimpse in general? As previous reports have suggested, Trico is very much in the Ico vein rather than following on from Ueda-san’s second masterpiece: Shadow of the Colossus. The protagonist of the piece definitely shares more than a passing resemblance to Ico’s eponymous lead character and is joined by some bizarre griffon-esque pet creature. Though the premise of the final game is still a mystery, what we can ascertain from the leaked video is that Trico appears to follow the “one boy and his monster” path with the two working together in some sort of symbiotic relationship. The video is full of Ueda-san’s distinctive style and quirky design traits with an emphasis on character, the environment and how the two relate to one another at the core of the game’s structure.

What’s important to note is what this footage actually represents. This is not in-game video of what we’ll be getting when Trico, or whatever it is finally called, is finally released some time in the future. This is very much an internal test used by the designers to try certain things and help them forge ahead with the final look and feel of the game. Though seeing an early insight into what Team Ico might have in store for us in what (if we take their previous games as reference) will undoubtedly be a stellar title is nice; we should keep these factors in mind. After all, the footage is over one year old; who knows where the game is now?

From what’s on offer, it does appear to be something special though, and if the video manages to offer one thing, it’s a poignant reminder of yet another great PS3 game to look forward to.