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The Metal Gear Saga Continues

Submitted by on Wednesday, 27 May 20092 Comments

SNAAAAKE(?)As waiting for countdowns to expire just isn’t our thing, we’ve kept unusually quiet about the whole “Kojima-gate” speculation rattling around the intertubes over the last few weeks.

It’s not that we thought you weren’t interested – we know you are – but, rather than report on a counter (or a counter counting down to another counter), we thought we’d wait for some substance before offering up our opinion.

Of course, you will have undoubtedly noticed yet another ever-decreasing timer taking the place of the last one over at Kojima’s site. At least this one is ticking down to an E3 announcement however.

First things first, rest assured as there are no Metal Gear spoilers here. That said, the next installment has been the subject of rampant and, in some cases, wild theories regarding who will be the main protagonist. Raiden seems an obvious choice but, if the accompanying image here plucked from the Konami site is anything to go by, we could be looking at the return of Big Boss.

Speaking to Japanese magazine Famitsu, Kojima-san is as intentionally coy and evasive as ever but has at least confirmed the inevitable and admitted his next game – or at least one of them – is in fact another Metal Gear venture. That said, change is on the horizon as the respected auteur reveals how the game will focus on the Japanese market but have a global release. They’re also overhauling the tech behind MGS4 and have the same team working on this new title. Also, with Kojima-san’s dalliance with Western developers of late, don’t be surprised if this next Metal Gear is somewhat different in terms of presentation and execution.

Regarding characters and setting, a small point of interest is how Kojima-san only refers to the character revealed on the “Next” site as “Ossan”. This roughly translates as “Old Man” in English but, as this is the informal word for “Ojisan”, it actually has more of a “geezer” ring to it. Not once does Kojima-san refer to him as “Biggu Bosu” in the article but, with that eyepatch and the fact that the game apparently spans the entire Metal Gear Saga timeline, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Snake Eater makes a surprise return. This is Metal Gear after all – anything can happen.

Finally, Kojima-san hints that the emblem on the “geezer’s” hat is important. It’s not a fox and looks more like a map of some sort. Feel free to add your conspiracy theories to the melting pot below.