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The Xi guide; Fragments 1-12 [Spoilers]

Submitted by on Wednesday, 6 May 20093 Comments

xiWe thought it would be a good idea to write a guide on how to unlock the fragments in Home’s popular puzzle game, Xi.

This guide details how to unlock the first twelve fragments.

Before we start, be aware that this guide is full of spoilers so if you want to complete Xi on your own merit, you should stop reading now…

This guide is divided by each fragment so if you only need help on some of them, you can easily find what you’re looking for.

For fragments that require you to solve puzzles, we have decided not to give away everything so that you can still complete it yourself – think of this guide as ‘extra help’ when needed.

Fragment One: Initiation

To unlock this fragment, visit ‘The Hub’ and find all three pieces of paper on the ground around the room. Once you have done so, you will be told to go to a website where you must go to ‘Puzzles’ and find the odd one out. After selecting the correct picture, you will receive a code to enter into your HoloPad.

Fragment Two: Postcards

To unlock this fragment, visit and find a postcard in her ‘Images’. Identify what you see in the picture and go to the website by filling in the landmark into the address on the card. Once on the website, you must enter into the boxes the names of more world landmarks to receive a code to enter into your HoloPad.

Fragment Three: Hexopolis

To unlock this fragment, visit ‘Alpha Zone 1’ and complete all six mini-games within six minutes. It sounds harder than it actually so as long as you remember where to go next after each game, and you run, this can be completed quite easily.

Fragment Four: Maximum-Tilt

To unlock this fragment, visit ‘Alpha Zone 1’ and walk into the ‘Maximum-Tilt’ door on the right-hand side. You must tilt your bike left and right with the sixaxis technology in your controller to avoid the trees, all while following the helicopter. The more centre of the screen the helicopter is, the more points you will collect a the game progresses. Hitting a tree will stop you for a few seconds so be careful. You need to get over 25,000 points to collect the fragment.

Fragment Five: Caverns of the Bandit King

To unlock this fragment, visit ‘Alpha Zone 1’ and walk into the ‘Caverns of the Bandit King’ door on the left-hand side. It’s in the style of a retro game where you must solve the puzzle to find the treasure. Along the way you will pick up items that you may have to use later in your journey.

Tip: Soon after starting the game, you will come across a cave but you must deal with the creature guarding it first before you progress further.

Fragment Six: Miguel’s Secret

To unlock this fragment, visit and search through the blog posts to work out Miguel’s date of birth. He isn’t going to simply give it to you, but he does tell you when his birthday is in one of the posts, and his age in another. Once you work it out, enter it into the HoloPad in the format MMDDYYYY.

Fragment Seven: Avatars

To unlock this fragment, visit ‘Home Maintenance’ via the Manhole Cover in Home Square/Central Plaza. You have to get past a security barrier and to do so, you must disguise yourself as a member of the team.

Tip: Look around the Locker rooms. Once you get through, register your PSN ID at one of the screens.

Fragment Eight: Crazy Crane

To unlock this fragment, visit ‘Home Maintenance’ via the Manhole Cover in Home Square/Central Plaza. You have to control two varieties of cranes to collect pieces of a robot. Some good advice is to sometimes drop the blocks of junk that you are moving down the hole too. This may make life easier at finding each robot piece. You must get past the barrier as explained for Fragment Seven to take part in this exercise.

Fragment Nine: Balance the Blocks

To unlock this fragment, visit ‘Home Maintenance’ via the Manhole Cover in Home Square/Central Plaza. You have to shift the green, blue and yellow coloured blocks into the right positions. There is only one tile spare to move each block. You must get past the barrier as explained for Fragment Seven to take part in this exercise.

Fragment Ten: The Lost Note

To unlock this fragment, you have to find a piece of yellow paper with a code written on it. Unlike for the first fragment, the paper is quite big and at around your avatar’s eye level. Europeans will find it somewhere in the Home Theatre, whereas Americans should look for the paper in the Central Plaza. Once you find it, note the code and enter it into the HoloPad.

Fragment Eleven: Deep Water

To unlock this fragment, visit ‘Alpha Zone 2’. The task is divided into two parts; one good fish tank and one evil fish tank. First of all, visit the good fish tank at the end of the room. It is quite clear here what to do as you simply must complete the tasks while avoiding the fish. If you think the first tank is hard, the second one is a lot harder.

Even harder is trying to join it as there normally is a huge crowd gathered in front. The best advice we can give is to try and focus the camera/screen away from the crowd, but in roughly the same direction as the tank. If you still have no luck, press the X button and scroll through all the options till hopefully the game pops up. The fishes are bigger and more deadly in this tank, but you can take your time again. Some good advice is to sit in the same place and simply wait for the pellets to drop to you to lower the risk of dieing. At the end of this tank, the fragment is unlocked.

Fragment Twelve: The Darkness

To unlock this fragment, visit ‘Alpha Zone 2’. Go to the two screens labelled one and two. Screen one involves creating an electric circuit where some areas of the board must have a certain amount of pieces of wire around them. There are three stages to complete. Screen two is slightly easier but you must go against the clock to switch on lights to make columns of either odd or even glowing bulbs. There are ten stages to this one, starting from a limit of sixteen seconds all the way down to just four. Complete both exercises in any order at any time to unlock the fragment.