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Tony Hawk Ride; get your plastic ready

Submitted by on Friday, 15 May 20092 Comments

hawk_plasticTony Hawk games have taken somewhat of a beating over the last few years with fans begging for a fresh approach to the franchise and the emergence of the Skate series from EA.

But Activision have plans to return the Birdman to the number one spot by supporting the Far-East’s ability to knock out huge lumps of plastic for very little outlay.

Yes people; this year you’ll be standing on a huge board controller of your own, hoping nobody glances through your living room window as you play Tony Hawk Ride.

Along with today’s announcement, Activision delivered a teaser video via GameTrailers that sets everything up nicely.

What is definitely apparent is that this looks like this Tony Hawk title will contain some high quality, lifelike graphics. At one point near the end of the trailer, after several moments of real-life video, you see a shot that makes you do a double-take – was it real or in the game?

How much Activision expect to charge for a peripheral that will doubtless only cost them £3.50 to make is still up for grabs, but we can’t help get a little excited by the possibility of our own ‘balanceboard’ controller for the PS3.