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Twitter Weekly Digest for 2009-05-31

Submitted by on Sunday, 31 May 2009One Comment
PS3 Attitude on TwitterOnce more it’s that time, when we take a look back over the past week in the PS3 Attitude twitterverse. From Brodie’s writing hat to the twitteriffic PSfree Attitude feature, we have been busy, busy bees.
What will be happening next week? Well,we seem to remember that something is happening… for some reason we get that sense of Christmas eve anticipation… whatever could that be… Anyway, check out the feed and if you haven’t already signed up to follow us, get in there!
  • There’s only 3 hours left in the gold iPod charity auction – last chance to win – RT #
  • @CaliLewis Using the Sammy NC10 and it is perfect for my needs. #
  • [br] Bank holiday in the US and UK today. Thankfully PS3 Attitude has writers in other “regions”. Service will continue as (ab)normal. #
  • inFAMOUS review is written – editing now and will be up on site soon… #
  • #psfreeattitude starts soon with a code for our EU followers – get ready… #
  • #psfreeattitude Today’s first giveaway is for the EU Store only, and is a copy of Prince of Persia Classic, kindly donated by Ubisoft #
  • #psfreeattitude We’ll give you a base code with two numbers missing and then a formula – first to type the code into the EU PS Store gets it #
  • #psfreeattitude Get ready – tiny technical hitch has paused events for a few seconds – back in about 2 mins #
  • #psfreeattitude You’ll need to find our PoP Retrospective at to begin – then start with the code 6EAB-?BB?C36Q #
  • #psfreeattitude The missing digits are: the number of times we use the word ‘Prince’ minus 11 #
  • #psfreeattitude Good luck. If you try to enter the code and it doesn’t work, you didn’t get there first. Back later for more giveaways. #
  • #psfreeattitude Just the word Prince in the ‘retrospective’ (not Princess) and it isn’t 88 – keep trying… #
  • #psfreeattitude Hi all – the PoP Classic code has been claimed, so you can stop counting! More giveaways soon… no more word count games! #
  • @iRoshMaayn The number was 84 for all who entered – and we’ve learnt a lesson… no more word counting games! :) Back with more freebies l8r in reply to iRoshMaayn #
  • Why not swing by and let us know what you think of our review – (N4G version) – (site version) #
  • @leighalexander [br] Agreed. Apart from Jurassic 5’s “After School Special”. If you don’t know it, check it out. CRUEL! 😉 in reply to leighalexander #
  • #psfreeattitude Next up, for our US followers, is a copy of Zen Pinball for the US PS Store, kindly donated by ZEN Studios – get ready #
  • #psfreeattitude Start with the code 3JCB-JXBJ-???? – the rest of it? You’ll find it somewhere on our ZEN Pinball review – hover to reveal #
  • #psfreeattitude Be the first to enter the code into the US PS Store and claim your prize – if you try and it fails, someone got there 1st #
  • #psfreeattitude More giveaways later today – keep checking back for details #
  • Come and see us at E3 where we’ll have more freebies – help raise funds for charity and have a drink with us – pls RT #
  • @DylanJobe Nathan FTW! in reply to DylanJobe #
  • #psfreeattitude The next giveaway is for our EU readers; Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom kindly donated by CreatStudios/TikGames #
  • #psfreeattitude Stay tuned for details on how to win… #
  • #psfreeattitude Here we go then. For an EU PS Store copy of Mahjong Tales, start with the code BDEK-????-MA9J. So how to you find the rest? #
  • #psfreeattitude Just browse all our Mahjong Tales stories until the rest of the code appears somewhere in your browser. #
  • #psfreeattitude First to punch in the code gets the game. If you try to claim and it doesn’t work, you weren’t fast enough. More later… #
  • #psfreeattitude We made this one a little trickier than usual… it is down to you to use your ingenuity :) P.S. Code is not behind an image #
  • #psfreeattitude So, anyone found the code and claimed it yet? Let us know… #
  • @CaptainMurdo Well done! One more giveaway in #psfreeattitude later today for our US followers… in reply to CaptainMurdo #
  • RT @MusterBuster: Cole has arrvied at the Official PlayStation Community: #
  • #psfreeattitude Last giveaway of the day is for our US readers, and it is a copy of ZEN Pinball, graciously donated by ZEN Studios #
  • #psfreeattitude Start with the code ????-8FB8-F8JP – search and look for our ZEN Pinball stories #
  • #psfreeattitude The code will appear somewhere in your browser within one of our ZP articles #
  • #psfreeattitude First to plug in the right code claims the game. If you didn’t get it, someone got there before you. #
  • #psfreeattitude That’s all for PSFree Attitude this week. See you next Tuesday. PS3 Attitude resumes as per usual for the rest of the week! #
  • @milereb Congrats! Hope everyone enjoyed this week’s PSFree Attitude session. More to come. Oh – want more freebies? in reply to milereb #
  • @LucPestille WP-DBManager – does everything for you and emails you the database so you can keep it off site in reply to LucPestille #
  • Is that a PS3 Attitude staff writer playing the Hannah Montana videogame!? Nah, it can’t be#
  • [br] Loving that Famitsu’s interview with Kojima-san is light on kanji. Means I can actually read it. Thanks guys! :) #
  • RT @OPM_UK: Sign Up for The Agency BETA. Send an email to #
  • Trinity Zill O’ll Zoil is coming for the PS3. If you want to know whether it’ll make it out of Japan, we can’t tell you – yet… #
  • @OPM_UK The Moxie Crimefighters. Named after Penn’s (of Penn and Teller’s) daughter. Gotta love that name! in reply to OPM_UK #
  • @LCaruana Let’s agree not to speak of this in public. Ooops – too late. I’m sure it was Danny’s niece playing it… honest. 😉 in reply to LCaruana #
  • Those of you who applied for positions at PS3 Attitude, look out for shortlist news in your inboxes tomorrow. Thanks! #
  • Should say that it isn’t too late to apply, you just won’t make the first wave of new appointments – we will continue to take applications #
  • @byronicman Another tenner Mr. B? in reply to byronicman #
  • RT @chrisgarrett: Digg Stops Shouting #
  • If you’re going to E3, pls come to our event. If not (or if you can’t make it) pls help spread the word – thx #
  • @OPM_UK [br] Ooooh ..I definitely need a “writing hat”. Suggestions on a epost card folks. I’m thinking … fedora … in reply to OPM_UK #
  • [br] Oh SOCOM, how I hate and love you with equal conviction .. #
  • @Ducer15 [br] If you like looking at loading screens as it struggles to connect to a server, it’s the best game ever. But, to be fair, yes. in reply to Ducer15 #
  • @richard4481 [br] Thanks for the invite Richard! Unfortunately I’m on a plane tonight so no gaming (apart from PSP) until Sunday. Next time? in reply to richard4481 #
  • @Ducer15 [br] No more talk of SOCOM! You’ll just have to wait for the review where all will be revealed. in reply to Ducer15 #
  • RT @Majiesto: Check out @PS3Attitude ‘s E3 charity event (only 4 days of ticket sales left) #
  • @OPM_UK With his cockney swagger, Statham should re-envision Steptoe & Son. “Scrap metal has never been this dangerous” :) in reply to OPM_UK #
  • RT @PlayStationEU: Please check out the new PlayStation blog from SCEE. We hope you will enjoy it! #
  • @PlayStationEU Welcome to Twitter and great to see the official blog up and running! in reply to PlayStationEU #
  • @Media_Molecule [br] If you release Joe Pineapples and the rest of the ABC Warriors, I’ll love you forever. in reply to Media_Molecule #
  • All applicants for roles at PS3 Attitude have now been informed of their short-list status. If you still want to apply… #
  • …please do so now. You’ll be considered in the next round of appointments. #
  • @djaffe What is the fascination with her anyways? Sure, she has a reasonable singing voice, but what is all the fuss about, really? in reply to djaffe #
  • @happymonkeyshoe If that’s the secret to success, then I’ll be on Oprah next week too. Set it on your Tivo people… in reply to happymonkeyshoe #
  • At a Sony Ericsson press event in London. Wonder what they’ll announce tonight… #
  • We’ll have our hands-on with the PS3 Remote Play-toting Sony Ericsson AINO tomorrow – #
  • RT @Media_Molecule: Going to E3? Then you should go to PS3 Attitude’s party – it’s all in aid of charity and has BEER! #
  • @guycocker No problem Guy – we give our entire site revenue to GamesAidPS3 Attitude is a 100% philanthropic venture #e309 in reply to guycocker #
  • #followfriday – the RT Edition: @commando101st @richard4481 @Media_Molecule @VenusDoom13 @_Roxie_ @Br0kenmachine @PS3GameAlliance #E3 #E309 #
  • RT @KillzoneDotCom: Just got official confirmation – the patch has been delayed and will not be released this week. #
  • @commando101st You’re most welcome – thanks for helping spread the word… #
  • @raydawg13 @richard4481 @Lugoves @calz88 @Ducer15 @DPAD_Magazine Thanks for the #followfriday and #FF love people… in reply to raydawg13 #