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Twitter Weekly Digest for 2009-05-17

Submitted by on Sunday, 17 May 2009One Comment

PS3 Attitude on TwitterAnother week of PS3 Attitude a-Twittering but what a week!

Tuesday saw the inaugural edition of #psfreeattitude where we gave away some free swag … and then promised to do it again next Tuesday. And every Tuesday forever more (or at least until we run out of free stuff to give away).

This week we also talked about Eidos Montreal’s big Thief 4 announcement, the inFamous demo and – the topic that just won’t die – netbooks, and which one is the king.

The end of the week also saw us announce yet another awesome charity auction with a one in a million twenty customised Call of Juarez iPod Shuffle up for grabs. Bidding is still open by the way …

  • “A new graphic you say? Is that for Tuesday too?” *Absolutely* “Wow. We’re going all out for this one, aren’t we…” #
  • @Phil_Dawson Maybe. Maybe not. You’ll just have to wait and see! πŸ˜‰ in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • RT @KillzoneDotCom: Please vote for Killzone 2 in the Golden Joystick Awards! #killzone #kz2 #
  • @Phil_Dawson Us?! Tease?! We’ve never been known to do such a thing… πŸ˜‰ in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • [br] More PS3Attitude inFamous demo impressions? How about: “I can’t go to the wedding! I’m too busy zapping Reapers!” πŸ˜€ #
  • @byronicman What’s so good about More or Less then Mr. B? in reply to byronicman #
  • Yesterday, our YouTube Channel videos were most popular in Brazil… #
  • Looks like we’ll hit 500 followers in about 10 days from now. Who will be our 500th follower? Do you know them? #
  • [br] We’ve a drawer here at PS3 Attitude called “Things we all know are happening but can’t talk about until the publisher does” Re: Thief 4 #
  • @thesixthaxis Yep – Eidos Montreal have confirmed what everyone knew. A new Thief is in the works. in reply to thesixthaxis #
  • @gjstenheuvel [br] The “Drawer of SecretsΓ’β€žΒ’” does contain some interesting wonders. And lint … a lot of lint … in reply to gjstenheuvel #
  • @Fearnecotton Could you follow us please – we have a DM to send you… pretty, pretty please… :) in reply to Fearnecotton #
  • RT @Fearnecotton: helps sick kids. Need ur help. Vote 4 them 2 win £500 by txting ‘Su heart 046′ to 65100 Txts cost 50p. #
  • [br] “The government will look to a new type of secret agent to help protect the planet this summer Γ’β‚¬β€œ an elite force of guinea pigs.” What!? #
  • @NickColley [br] Not as much as I did when I read the press release … πŸ˜€ in reply to NickColley #
  • The first PSFree Attitude giveaway of the day starts in a few moments, and is for PSN users in the EU region… #
  • #psfreeattitude The first PSFree Attitude giveaway is for a copy of Cuboid, donated by CreatStudios/TikGames for the EU PSN Store #
  • #psfreeattitude We will give you a PSN code, but some of it is missing. Finding the missing part will be ‘a most puzzling conundrum’#
  • #psfreeattitude You may need to linger around our Cuboid review to find the missing piece. #
  • #psfreeattitude The code is TA5M-????-EL58 – the missing characters are somewhere at – use the clues we just gave you #
  • #psfreeattitude Once you have the code, the first to plug it in to the PSN gets the game. If you try and it fails, someone got there first. #
  • #psfreeattitude If you’re the winner, why not let us know here at Twitter… #
  • #psfreeattitude Remember, you can claim PSN codes using your PSP, PC or PS3, then just download your winnings later #
  • #psfreeattitude Our thanks to CreatStudios/TikGames for the code – check out our review of Cuboid – #
  • #psfreeattitude There will be more giveaways later today for our EU and US followers… #
  • #psfreeattitude We broke you in easy on that one – as you get used to PSFree Attitude each week, we’ll make them harder to find… #
  • @byronicman Sure – it’s not perfect yet… but we’ll be doing this each week so lots of chances for everyone to get their systems in check. in reply to byronicman #
  • Arrived in the post today; SingStar Pop promo, inFAMOUS press kit (1 of only 2800 apparently), business cards, box #
  • #psfreeattitude The next PSFree Attitude giveaway is for our EU region followers and begins in a few moments time… #
  • #psfreeattitude This time, we’re giving away Prince of Persia Classic on the EU PSN Store, kindly donated by Ubisoft #
  • #psfreeattitude Start with the following code – 6E??-FEBDRRL4 and find our ‘musthave’ Prince of Persia review at #
  • #psfreeattitude Now count how many times we use the word ‘Prince’ including the title of the review and add 40 to get the two missing digits #
  • #psfreeattitude First to claim the code on the EU PSN Store gets the game – good luck – if it doesn’t work for you, someone already got it. #
  • @BrandondeBos Maybe. Maybe not. But certainly not today! #infamous in reply to BrandondeBos #
  • #psfreeattitude There will be another giveaway later today for our US followers – hope you’re enjoying our first PSFree Attitude… :) #
  • Book: David Perry on Game Design – buy a copy with this link, and our charity benefits – – pls RT #
  • @DaveyJam Yep – that one was won already – more chances with #psfreeattitude later today… in reply to DaveyJam #
  • Wasabi coated peanuts are like little drops of heaven… #
  • @rikhudson You can use PSP Media Manager 3 – you may need your PSP the 1st time you use it… don’t forget #psfreeattitude is every Tuesday in reply to rikhudson #
  • Good morning US followers – we’ve given away two games today so far, more to come – Welcome to PSFree Attitude – #
  • @Twinkling82 The only way we know of on a PC is through PSP Media Manager 3, and we think you need a PSP to activate it… in reply to Twinkling82 #
  • @Phil_Dawson Do you have suitable protection on your PC from everything Babestation might bring you? in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • #psfreeattitude The next PSFree Attitude giveaway begins soon, and this one is for our US followers… #
  • #psfreeattitude So, we now have a Killzone 2 Steel & Titanium DLC code to give away for the US PSN Store, kindly donated by SCEA #
  • #psfreeattitude You’ll need to find our #KZ2 review at to figure out the missing characters in the code #
  • #psfreeattitude Start with the following code – ????-F4BGK9A2 – and just ‘hover’ around the review to get the missing piece #
  • #psfreeattitude First person to enter the full code into the PSN gets it – if you try and it doesn’t work, someone got there before you #
  • #psfreeattitude If you’re the proud owner of the new KZ2 DLC, please consider sending us a note via Twitter #
  • #psfreeattitude More PSFree Attitude coming later today – keep ’em peeled… #
  • @grizbo Congrats – enjoy the prize. PSFree Attitude runs every Tuesday so keep checking back… #psfreeattitude in reply to grizbo #
  • Book: David Perry on Game Design – buy a copy with this link, and our charity benefits- pls RT #
  • @DylanJobe *shake heads in agreement* “The right to bear arms is as sensible as the right to arm bears”… in reply to DylanJobe #
  • #psfreeattitude One more PSFree Attitude giveaway today – this time another one for our US followers – starting soon… #
  • #psfreeattitude Here we go then – we have another Killzone 2 Steel & Titanium DLC to give away on the US PSN Store, donated by SCEA #
  • #psfreeattitude Start with the following code – 8T8H-??B6BRCP – what are the missing numbers? #
  • #psfreeattitude Find our Q&A with Guerrilla at – count how many times we use the word ‘Killzone’, including the title #
  • #psfreeattitude That’s the missing number. Enter it into the PSN and claim the DLC. #
  • #psfreeattitude If you try to claim and it doesn’t work, someone got there quicker. If you win, send us a note via Twitter! :) #
  • #psfreeattitude That’s all for this week. Every Tuesday we become PSFree Attitude. We’ll run different regions at different times so… #
  • #psfreeattitude …we offer all our followers a chance, whether at work or home, in the US, EU or AP regions. Hope you had fun! #
  • #psfreeattitude And as a teaser, next week we have more KZ2 DLC, one full game and DLC for another top-selling title… Roll on Tuesday. #
  • @coverton 46 is way off. It is the number of times we say ‘Killzone’, including the title and the body text, of our Q&A with Guerrilla πŸ˜‰ in reply to coverton #
  • @coverton It was a good attempt! πŸ˜‰ We’ll be running PSFree Attitude at different times each week to help catch as many followers as poss in reply to coverton #
  • @sfr79 That is the correct number, but the code has already been claimed – we have more next Tuesday though #psfreeattitude in reply to sfr79 #
  • #psfreeattitude As a quick reminder, PSFree Attitude returns every Tuesday – PS3 Attitude is available every day, of course! #
  • @robinyang [br] There’s fight over here between the Samsung NC-10 & the Compaq Mini. Super Battery Vs 97% full size keys. It’s up to you! :) in reply to robinyang #
  • @NickColley [br] Maybe next week’s #psfreeattitude will have 1 EU prize in the pm for all you workers/students! Let us know your thoughts .. in reply to NickColley #
  • @NickColley In order starting from your ‘school’ tweet: shame, yes, Homoarakhan/Chiller, yes, yes in reply to NickColley #
  • @Cleric20 [br] It gets real bad. Real quick. in reply to Cleric20 #
  • [br] Since PS3 Attitude’s relaunch in Oct 2008 we have produced 1,000 articles. Happy 1000th article to us! Fittingly, it was about vomit :) #
  • RT @aleksk: By Me @ Guardian>> Game Pitch: The Go Game: The Go Game has been enticing players for se.. #
  • RT @aleksk: By Me @ Guardian>> Comment: Britain lands almost 50% of ‘World’s Most Bankable Game Stud.. #
  • RT @quadro: RT this if you disagree with Twitter’s decision to hide replies to people you don’t follow. #fixreplies #twitterfail #
  • @richard4481 [br] I submitted “Himizu” which means “Fire and Water” in Japanese. It has … NO chance πŸ˜‰ in reply to richard4481 #
  • @thesixthaxis [br] MW2 has dropped the COD moniker so I assume Vietnam is back to being 6? in reply to thesixthaxis #
  • @cc_starr [br] Indeed. W@W drops the numbering but is recognised as 5. As for MW2 bringing back the COD title, not that we’re aware of. in reply to cc_starr #
  • @nickchester [br] I’d be very surprised if it’s MGS related. Now just seems the right time for the man to _finally_ do something different. in reply to nickchester #
  • [br] I’ve decided to stop playing the inFamouns demo. I know the game is awesome and I want to enjoy the whole experience in one go. #
  • @thesixthaxis [br] People who talk about TV shows on Twitter that others may have yet to watch are “The Devil”. in reply to thesixthaxis #
  • [br] If it’s real … it looks horrible. #
  • [br] I know I shouldn’t be complaining, but, another beta? Really? I still have Assassin’s Creed to play for crying outloud! I might gift it #
  • @richard4481 [br] I think the key might be “tied” to something of mine. If it’s not. It’s yours. I’ll let you know. #
  • @Phil_Dawson [br] Agreed. Adding in the fact that it looks cheap and has poor aesthetics; along with Sony’s statement – I’m going with hoax #
  • @DaveyJam [br] Everyone is jumping on my keys! @richard4481 got there first and, anyway, I just checked and it’s tied to my account. Sorry! #
  • @Ducer15 [br] Who are you and why are you spamming us? πŸ˜‰ in reply to Ducer15 #
  • @DarthMazza [br] ‘Fraid I can’t DarthMazza. The beta is linked to my personal online account. Check out next Tuesday for some free stuff tho in reply to DarthMazza #
  • To all that applied, we’re announcing the short-list soon. If you haven’t applied yet, there’s still time – #
  • [br] The just released LittleBigPlanet 1.13 patch adds Judge Dredd DLC that is unlocked at a later date? How awesome is that! #
  • @DarthMazza See our last tweet – short-listed candidates will hear soon… thanks again for the application. in reply to DarthMazza #
  • We’ll have a new charity auction going up on eBay soon, and the ‘prize’ is worth its weight in gold. News coming soon… #
  • [br] Remember: People who talk about the plot of popular TV shows on Twitter get unfollowed. Fast. Keep that in mind before spoilering. Thx. #
  • @Ducer15 [br] Saying you watched something and thought it was cool is great. I actually WANT to know a good eps is coming. Just not the plot in reply to Ducer15 #
  • Charity auction: Ubisoft “Call of Juarez” gold-plated 4Gb iPod Shuffle – 1 of only 20 – – pls RT #
  • The charity auction is going well – £16 after one night – would like it to reach three figures – #
  • Just want to add – what an awesome bunch of followers we have – thank you all for your continued support and re-tweets:) #
  • @byronicman ‘May be stripped’ – really? There’s some question about it? Incredible! in reply to byronicman #
  • @Media_Molecule Get thinner business cards for starters – your lush thick ones don’t go down too well in Japan! in reply to Media_Molecule #
  • RT @aleksk: By Me @ Guardian>> Gamesblog newsbucket: This should keep you going over the weekend.Ò€’ S.. #
  • @richard4481 Awesome! Many thanks… who will trump you, we wonder? in reply to richard4481 #
  • @Media_Molecule The lower the bow, the more respect & u can’t go wrong with “Hajimemashite, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” Oh, & NEVER interrupt. in reply to Media_Molecule #
  • @Mm_Sackgirl Don’t forget to say “Kanpai!” when toasting with the sake :) in reply to Mm_Sackgirl #
  • Our #followfriday picks: the ‘started following us today’ edition @MusterBuster @chrisgarrett @Media_Molecule @thebookoffreak #
  • @richard4481 And if you want to increase traffic, followers and generally succeed at on-line marketing, @chrisgarrett is your man… in reply to richard4481 #
  • You guys are awesome – the charity auction is now £72 – still 9 days to go – can it go past £200? – #
  • @godfree Cool – but is Jaguar Skills in the game? in reply to godfree #
  • @richard4481 Absolutely – I’d put him above almost anyone… also props to Mix Master Mike, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Q-Bert and DJ Yoda in reply to richard4481 #
  • @richard4481 Hmmmm… he’s not a turntablist though, is he?! πŸ˜‰ in reply to richard4481 #
  • RT: @chrisgarrett Win a FREE ticket to Social Media Success Summit 2009: #smsuccess #
  • Welcome new followers. @ps3attitude gained 438 followers in 96 days and 17 since yesterday; who will be our 500th? Thanks to all of you. #
  • RT @richard4481 Good luck PlayStation Girls with your charity run in Regents Park today! Any donations: #