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Twitter Weekly Digest for 2009-05-24

Submitted by on Sunday, 24 May 2009No Comment

PS3 Attitude on TwitterWelcome back to our weekly Twitter Digest, where we recap everything we mumbled, moaned, blabbered or chatted about via our Twitter feed.

So what can you expect this week? As well as the usual list of great people to follow, our tweets were dominated by our Charity Auction, our Charity Event at E3 in Los Angeles and the gold iPod Touch competition from Ubisoft.

We’d like to thank everyone who has helped spread the word – why not follow some of them yourself!


  • [br] Hmm, to continue with a game I need to play more in order to review. Or play the game I really want to play. And … it’s the latter :) #
  • Just want to say thanks to people like @TheLostGamer @richard4481 and others who are helping spread the word – stars, the lot of you… #
  • Welcome to @M214173 – our 500th follower! Thanks for helping us hit a milestone… now, on to 1,000! #
  • If you’re at E3 09, have a drink with us and raise some money for charity too – you may win prizes! pls RT #
  • If you’re on N4G, we’d appreciate your approval – – thanks! #
  • @Ducer15 Yeah – saw that. And the NC20. Decided the NC10 was perfect and got it cheap since it is being replaced! :) in reply to Ducer15 #
  • @RockStar_AV8R [br] Be prepared. They’ve made a LOT of changes to what was in the book. And not for the better for the most part … in reply to RockStar_AV8R #
  • @djhsecondnature @cc_starr I trump you both by quite some distance. I would tell you by how much, but I only have 140 characters available in reply to djhsecondnature #
  • @djhsecondnature There’s a perfect example. Someone of older years would know what ‘trump’ means… ๐Ÿ˜‰ in reply to djhsecondnature #
  • @djhsecondnature Youngsters always say that. ๐Ÿ˜€ in reply to djhsecondnature #
  • @Bruciebabe Ask it “Where am I?”, “How are you?”, “What is the meaning of life?” and “How many roads must a man walk down?” :) in reply to Bruciebabe #
  • At E3 09? Want to have a drink with us and raise some money for charity too? Like winning prizes? pls RT #
  • @Ducer15 Getting between 6-8 hours. Set up a custom power setting that gives me what I need. Switching off wifi helps when ‘net not needed. in reply to Ducer15 #
  • @Ducer15 I’ve seen the site now! I can still get 6 with wifi on all the time – just play with the power settings and you’ll manage it… in reply to Ducer15 #
  • @Ducer15 Whatever we’re both getting, it is far ahead of my laptop which manages 45 mins! NC10 FTW! in reply to Ducer15 #
  • #psfreeattitude PSFree Attitude begins soon. We’re stretching it out today so as to catch people outside business hours too… #
  • #psfreeattitude So expect flurries of activity interspersed with long periods of nothingness… :) #
  • @DylanJobe Stay in Austin Dylan – watch the ice bats (the actual bats; not the hockey team)… in reply to DylanJobe #
  • #psfreeattitude We’re giving away a copy of Burn Zombie Burn on the EU PS Store, kindly donated by Doublesix Games #
  • #psfreeattitude Start with the following code – FEDB-????-AGCC – we’re sending you on a treasure trail today – find our BZB review #
  • #psfreeattitude Remember – ‘Sharing is Caring’ – if you Digg our story, you’ll find the next location. Linger on the page when you arrive… #
  • #psfreeattitude First to find the code and claim it wins. If you try to claim and it is invalid, someone got there before you. Good luck. #
  • #psfreeattitude You’ll need a Digg account or a Facebook account to Digg our review, but it is free so don’t fret #
  • @Segerlind Congratulations! #psfreeattitude will return (much) later today… enjoy! in reply to Segerlind #
  • What’s in the post today? Box from (get a free one with code QH7MM1YG) and inFAMOUS promo copy; review up soon… #
  • “And for award for Best Reply Message of the Last Ten Minutes goes to…. @NokkonWud” – made us all laugh at Attitude Towers, thanks! #
  • [br] More WolframAlpha goodness you may be interested in. Handy when Danny is in town. #
  • @DaveyJam More #psfreeattitude action later today – three more giveaways through the day – keep an eye on Twitter for details in reply to DaveyJam #
  • Best use of Google Maps API ever? We think so – #
  • #psfreeattitude The next freebie is for our US fans – Killzone 2 DLC (for US KZ2 only) – follow us and get ready to win #
  • #psfreeattitude Can we tell you a secret? A KZ2 secret? Start with the following code – 8M2?-JJB9-?EA2 – the missing characters are… #
  • #psfreeattitude …the initials of the former GG animator who makes up part of KZ2’s Billinghurst. Find the secret at #
  • #psfreeattitude First to claim the code gets the prize. For US KZ2 only. If you try to claim and it doesn’t work, you didn’t get there 1st #
  • #psfreeattitude If you get the DLC, let us know through RM. More PSFree Attitude action later today, including another KZ2 DLC code… #
  • @blazsox Excellent news – well done! We do this every Tuesday, with prizes for all regions, so keep following for more goodies… in reply to blazsox #
  • @jmbulluck @damnmooks The initials were GD for this #psfreeattitude giveaway – next one coming in a few hours in reply to jmbulluck #
  • @aat08 We only have US codes for the DLC, but we give away full games in the EU – we can only offer what we’re graciously given, of course in reply to aat08 #
  • @aat08 The fact we can give away anything is great – the extra exposure helps our charity fund. We give all our revenue to worthy causes. in reply to aat08 #
  • A reminder: If you’re at E3 09, have a drink with us and raise some money for charity too – you may win prizes! #
  • Welcome to all our new followers. FYI, we give all our revenue to worthy causes. Check out our latest auction – #
  • @NickColley All good thanks! #psfreeattitude continues later today, with two more giveaways planned… keep watching! #
  • @NickColley Not necessarily – RSS can take longer to arrive – we tweet all our articles too, and that is the fastest way to stay updated in reply to NickColley #
  • @NickColley We use magic dust, unicorns and a rabbit’s foot to deliver our site news to Twitter – doesn’t everyone? in reply to NickColley #
  • Taking a short break Twitterland, and then #psfreeattitude resumes with two more giveaways… back soon #
  • If you’re on N4G, we’d appreciate you approving this – thanks – #
  • #psfreeattitude In the UK? Enter this amazing competition now – gold iPod Touch up for grabs – pls RT #
  • @gazo69 Thanks! Just tested the links and everything seems fine at this end… in reply to gazo69 #
  • #psfreeattitude We have a Streetfighter IV Brawler Pack DLC for our EU followers coming up, kindly donated by @calz88 – works on EU/UK SFIV #
  • #psfreeattitude Start with this code – BP?T-LDBD-2PJ2 – the missing number? You need to find our Folding@Home Team Number… #
  • #psfreeattitude Use the sixth number in our Folding@Home Team number and claim the code – 1st to claim gets it #
  • #psfreeattitude If you claim the code and it doesn’t work, someone else got there before you – more PSFree Attitude later… #
  • Wow – apparently the PSN is down (although haven’t tested it yet myself) – I guess it’ll be a race to claim the code when it returns! #
  • @calz88 I knew we’d bring the system down eventually – it was only a matter of time! :) in reply to calz88 #
  • #psfreeattitude Let us know if you claimed the code and got the DLC – and no, the missing number isn’t ‘6’! :) #
  • #psfreeattitude Last freebie of the day – this time for our US friends – Killzone 2 DLC (US KZ2 only) – get ready to win people… #
  • #psfreeattitude Start with this code – ????-97BC-T6J8 – “how do I find the missing piece?”, we hear you ask… #
  • #psfreeattitude Find our Q&A with Guerrilla Games and linger somewhere on the page to reveal the code – first person to redeem gets the DLC #
  • #psfreeattitude If you try to redeem it and it doesn’t work, someone got there before you – that’s all for PSFree Attitude today #
  • #psfreeattitude Remember – the KZ2 DLC is for US copies of Killzone 2 only. Hope you all had fun today – we’ll be back with more next Tues. #
  • @TwitteringRav Congrats! Hope you enjoy it… have fun! in reply to TwitteringRav #
  • Goodnight Twitterati – have a good one and we’ll back to normal tweets tomorrow. #
  • Morning all! @VenusDoom13 Thanks for the RTs – @CaptainMurdo That sucks! – @milereb We had fun. Shall we do again next week?! ๐Ÿ˜‰ #
  • In our pre-E3 planning meeting. Don’t forget to come see us and help raise money for charity. We’ll have prizes… :) #
  • @G_Williams Although wallpaper paste is a good substitute for tapioca. Looks *and* tastes the same, anyhow… in reply to G_Williams #
  • @NokkonWud Look out for more details later today… :) in reply to NokkonWud #
  • @Xav “Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it even has a watermark!” ๐Ÿ˜‰ in reply to Xav #
  • @nickchester CDWow are a good choice. in reply to nickchester #
  • @LCaruana Sounds interesting. Of course, it might have nothing to do with Sony… will keep an eye/ear out… in reply to LCaruana #
  • Dear Twitterland: inFAMOUS roCKS – that is all… #
  • Good morning Twitterland. Feeling a little jaded today. Someone kept me up until 2am. ‘Shocking’… #
  • @Doom_CMYK Only if the first one sells well, I would suggest… ๐Ÿ˜‰ in reply to Doom_CMYK #
  • A small E3 plea (@e3expo) – please come along to our charity event, and if you can’t, please help us spread the word. #
  • @dmosbon Maybe… ๐Ÿ˜‰ in reply to dmosbon #
  • In the post today, another box from, and a………….. SACKBOY!!! Thanks SCEE! :) #
  • Awwwww… bless… #
  • Sac boy! Have had t m ve h m ff the eyb ard as he s gett ng n the way! #
  • Remember everyone, we called it! “Take cover when you hear alarms going off, as there might be a radioactive surprise headed your way” #KZ2 #
  • If anyone is wondering about the Raiden image on the Kojima MGS countdown, it isn’t anywhere in the Flash file, so probably fake. #
  • @Ducer15 PS3 – that was easy #consolenut in reply to Ducer15 #
  • @Ducer15 The graphics are just fine. As one of our team said this morning, Gameplay > Graphics. We’ll explain everything in the review soon. in reply to Ducer15 #
  • @Ducer15 The ‘graphics talking point’ with inFAMOUS is complex. A lot of pros and cons that can’t be explained in 140 chars. in reply to Ducer15 #
  • We just sponsored the PlayStation Ladies & Friends Team – why don’t you do the same? #
  • LOL at Heather Mills. She does realise that Bionic Commando has a fake *arm*, doesn’t she? #
  • @Lugoves Great news – and now following both… thanks! in reply to Lugoves #
  • Must be survey day – have received three in the last 10 minutes… #
  • Goodnight Twitterati – off to play more inFAMOUS so we can deliver a full review to you, not just a test-drive! Have fun… :) #
  • Our thanks to everyone who RTd the E3 charity event – much appreciated. #
  • @e3expo have booked 3 tickets to be at our charity event – have you got yours? (Thx ESA for booking) #
  • Less than 3 days to go. Gold iPod Charity Auction – can it reach ร‚ยฃ200? Please RT – – Thanks! #
  • @KingQuagmire @godfree Thanks guys – much appreciated… :) in reply to KingQuagmire #
  • @cc_starr That’s a bit like saying “I wonder why Jimi Hendrix was so damn good with the guitar, and others just don’t get it”!! :) in reply to cc_starr #
  • One more game left and it looks like former Staffer ‘Kawaii’ is going to win the PS3A Fantasy Football League. Prize announcement next week. #
  • @Ubisoft Man of Conviction. We rock at anagrams here at Attitude Towers… or A Twittered Oust if you prefer… ๐Ÿ˜‰ in reply to Ubisoft #
  • It’s so annoying listening to Jo Whiley this morning – why give the job of talking about games to someone who clearly has no clue? #
  • Anyway, show the BBC you know your stuff – vote for the best game ever at – part of their Big Gaming Weekend #
  • @calz88 It seems they asked their staff what their favourite games were. Still – some good stuff there. I vote for Ico. in reply to calz88 #
  • @Ducer15 Can’t see the list anymore, as have voted already… sorry in reply to Ducer15 #
  • [br] Updated our TR:U post to include the fact Trophies are coming May 28th. Low price + trophies. Worth a punt? #
  • Our #followfriday picks: the free stuff edition – @SpellOfPlay @MusterBuster @SEGA – bonus free stuff link: #
  • RT @DPAD_Magazine: RT @DPAD_Magazine I went to Empire City and all I got was this lousy T-shirt #
  • RT @DPAD_Magazine Do you want a free inFamous T-shirt for PlayStation Home? First 1000 people to retweet the following phrase wins! #
  • @leighalexander Awesome! “Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm gonna can-roll the shit out of your thighs tonight!” Thx Leigh – much needed laugh after a long day! in reply to leighalexander #
  • Thanks to Person678 for noticing our cock-up with the Heavy Rain story. Yep, we linked in the wrong video. All fixed. #
  • @Katersoneseven Please follow us Kate – we’d really appreciate it… thx in reply to Katersoneseven #
  • Goodnight all – don’t forget the following links – #