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Use your ‘Feral Senses’ to unlock exclusive Wolverine content

Submitted by on Tuesday, 12 May 2009No Comment

wolverine-x-men-origins-ps3-gameAnd by ‘Feral Senses,’ we mean iPhone. Download the Wolverine app from the store and then snap a photo of specific icons to unlock images, wallpapers, trailers, and more directly to your iPhone. There are a total of five different icons to find and use the new photo recognition technology on, the first of which is on the back of the PS3 version of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Simply type in ‘Feral Sense’ into the Search function in the App Store and download it today. Unfortunately, this is only available to iPhone users and not those with an iPod Touch. You won’t even be able to download the app off of the store if you connect from a Touch.


You can find another photo over at PlayStation.Blog. With only two known photos, the claws on the box and Wolverine on the site, there are still three that have gone unused. Be on the lookout for more on any Wolverine marketed material. Or, if you’re the type who is too lazy to go out searching, you can simply visit here for all the images.