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Watch This Coop-tastic Sacred 2 Video

Submitted by on Monday, 4 May 20095 Comments

sacred2box.jpgWith the impending North American release of Sacred 2 May 12th (5th June for Europe, sorry Phreaky), we are treated to a video of one of our favorite game modes as of late: cooperative game play.

Sacred 2 offers two player offline coop for social butterflies and four player online coop for PS3 hermits.

Online coop features hot-swapping, which allows you to leave your single player campaign to join a friend’s campaign online at any time.

Then you may return to your own campaign (exactly where you left off) with all the levels, experience points and items gained in your friend’s campaign. Pretty neat if you ask us.

So even if a particular North American PS3A staff writer has to wait three weeks for a particular European staff writer to get their ARPG online, at least they can watch this video and get ready for their adventures of loot and experience points.

Will you join our very own ARPG brigade (which shall remain nameless) this May or June?