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Watch this trailer if you want to live; or like Terminators

Submitted by on Wednesday, 6 May 20093 Comments

Terminator SalvationThe more we see of GRIN’s Terminator: Salvation, the hint of the dreaded movie tie-in hex is dispelled and we get the feeling we could be looking at a real contender for the action title of the summer.

Well, now that Batman is washing his tights until late summer, the honour has opened up a little.

In the latest footage courtesy of GameTrailers, we get a closer look at the ground enemies of the game and, more importantly, the sight of John Connor and pals destroying those relentless Metal fiends in as many and inventive ways as possible.

What’s also clearly on display is how GRIN have implemented an intriguing cover system. With elements of Uncharted’s environment utilisation, watch as Connor weaves in and out from behind obstacles, slides across the ground before unleashing fury on the robotic menace and even executes such feats as blind shooting.

There’s another glimpse at the driving aspects of the game while we also get a chance to witness some of the more strategic moments in the game with the resistance using stealth to their advantage against the mechanical scourge of Skynet.