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Worst. Zoo. Ever. – Army of Two: The 40th Day Trailer

Submitted by on Friday, 1 May 2009One Comment

ao2_tfd_press_release_march_12_9amestWe are liking this Army of Two trailer.  Anarchy?  Chaos?  Civil unrest?  Throwing people off a building that may or may not look like the Attitude Towers after a New Year party?  Petting zoos!?  Sign us up!

Ever since the shut down of Michael Jackson’s Neverland zoo we have been on the market for a substitute.  Do we have a winner?

But pending childhood litigations aside, there seems to be something going for this game.  We must warn you that this is solely based on the trailer above.  The French call it a je ne sais quoi.  Majiesto calls it sheer awesomeness.  He loves EA you see, and Dead Space in particular which he plays every night.  I swear, go look at him if he’s on your PSN buddy list.  It’s ok, we’ll hold.

With the outstanding success of Resident Evil 5’s coop we want to see how Army of Two ups the ante.  After all, they pretty much spearheaded the whole next-gen coop gameplay concept after Kane and Lynch almost destroyed it.  Allegedly.