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X-Men Origins: Wolverine demo a late edition; plus impressions

Submitted by on Saturday, 2 May 20097 Comments

Xmen Origins WolverinePretty much locking down their PlayStation Store updates to a weekly basis and, not only that, only on a Thursday, Sony are usually content to stick to this regimented routine.

Of course, new content becoming available hasn’t always conformed to this strict schedule (and there have been exceptions) but it’s fairly likely that, if you’re waiting for a new piece of content, you should keep an eye out on Thursdays.

Not if you’re Wolverine however. No way Bub. ‘Cause if you’re an adamantium enforced, hyper-sense sporting raging lunatic with no memory along with retractable claws and amazing death-cheating regenerative healing abilities – you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want. Including popping up on the PSN whenever you damn well please.

And that’s exactly what he’s done. You probably already know that the X-Men Origins: Wolverine demo is a new (we’d never call Wolverine late) edition to this week’s assortment of downloadable goods from the respective stores but, just in case you’re one of the few people who only check it once a week during the Thursday window, you should check again.

After what can only be described as probably the most violent opening cut scene we’ve ever seen, you take control of Logan as he descends from a downed chopper and into the chaotic jungles of Africa. Straight off you’ll notice that the graphics, though not as lush and smooth as the likes of Uncharted, are very impressive. At its heart however, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a brawler and brawling is what Wolverine does best.

The fighting is both visceral and relentless as the Old Canuck dispenses with henchmen (and choppers; wait ’til you see what he does to the chopper!) with flair and a distinctive vindictive streak. We can’t understate how violent the game is, and if you’re one of those people that have been waiting for a Wolverine game where you can literally slice people’s heads off – your mutie lovin’ dreams have come true.

What we also like about the game-play displayed in the short demo (you’ll finish it in less than ten minutes) is its hint towards a bigger and more complex adventure system. Wolverine slices and dices like a a blender on acid but it’s the other elements that suggest the final product is unlikely to be a never-ending button bashing kill-a-thon. You’ll use your heightened senses to detect new paths and aspects of the environment while also able to push jeeps and then jump on board and utilise the vehicle as a battering ram. There’s climbing, swinging, jumping, and though it’s not at the same level as the aforementioned Drake game, that’s not what they’re trying to achieve here. This is a game all about combat; the interactive environs are there to make that combat fresh and non-repetitive.

At 636MB, this is one demo that you’ll probably play more than once just to toy around with the fancy lunge ability or see how many bad guys you can throw and stick to the spike-entrusted walls. And when the last boss guy appears, you’ll be wishing you were playing the full game which, in a nut-shell, is the purpose of any great demo.

Kudos to Raven and Activision (and Sony) for bringing us this pre-weekend surprise. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments.