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Zen Pinball demo this Thursday

Submitted by on Tuesday, 12 May 2009No Comment

Zen PinballFlippers at the ready people (and we’re not talking about the ones that go on your feet) as a demo for Zen Pinball, the PSN’s first pinball game from ZEN Studios, is due to hit this Thursday.

As we mentioned this week, the full game comes with four tables full of ramps, gates, buzzers and all the other thrills and spills that make pinball games so addictive. The demo will allow players to sample one of these tables in a quest for flipper-glory and high scores that usually rank up in the millions.

Those of you immediately charmed by the paddle-and-ball taste will also be able to purchase the full game for $9.99 / €9.99 and (probably) £6.99 right after you’ve mastered the free table.

One interesting point: we predicted earlier that Zen Pinball was in fact a port of an XBLA title by the name of “Pinball FX”, also by ZEN Studios. Though we’re still not 100% sure, the fact that the games share different names, and considering Zsolt Kigyossy, MD of ZEN Studios, mentions the success of the XBLA game in relation to their new title by stating: “We have received huge success with our Pinball FX title on XBLA and fans around the world have been clamoring for a solid pinball title on PlayStation Network” – we’re now thinking it could be a totally new game.

We’re sure one of our 360 friends will let us know this Thursday either way. Yes, we have 360 friends. No, they don’t shout “No Games!” when they see us in the bar anymore.