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2.80 included some updates after all [UPDATE]

Submitted by on Thursday, 25 June 20098 Comments

SONY-FWUThe latest firmware to hit the PlayStation 3, v2.80, seems to have created somewhat of a stir on the Internet.

Not because it included any groundbreaking changes. No. In fact all the talk has been about what wasn’t included, and why Sony felt the need to make this a ‘point release’ (a 0.1 increase in the version number) instead of a minor update (to 2.71, for example).

The firmware update has also created a flow of anti-SCE commentary as people wonder why Sony don’t just come clean with every update and publish the full changelog.

But after much searching and a handy news tip from one of our readers, we can reveal the extent of the actual changes to your XMB.

The first change comes via the new Text Chat feature that launched with the last upgrade. Instead of a meagre 32 character limit for each line of text, you can now type – wait for it – 64 whole characters on every line!

Twitter users are clearly feeling jealous at this point.

The only other change we could find that didn’t involve some kind of unconfirmed anecdotal evidence, such as the unfounded rumour that trophy cards load quicker (they don’t) and the fact there may be some new avatars (possible), is in the volume options.

When using the official Sony Bluetooth Headset, it appears the microphone volume has been fixed at level 3, with no opportunity to change. This is such an innocuous upgrade that it may well have been that way all along, so don’t crucify us in the comments if this isn’t a new development!

Who knows why these minor changes warranted a point release from Sony. All we know is that firmware upgrades will always be a source of much discussion as long as the PS3 is around…

[UPDATE] The Text Chat feature has also been improved further with 2.80. As you can see in the video produced and provided by our reader, Delriach, below, you can now switch to and from your game whilst the keypad is open during Text Chat.

[Many thanks to Delriach for the news tip and video]