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Atelier Rorona sells out in Japan (or does it?) plus Disgaea 3 trophies and more

Submitted by on Monday, 29 June 2009No Comment

Atelier RoronaBad news for Japanese fans of crafting, synthesising and new PS3 RPGs in general, with news reaching us that the latest in the ever-growing PS3 stable of adventure games featuring characters with eyes the size of beachballs has sold out.

Initially reported on Hatimaki blog, and then picked up by our friends over at, Gust’s 11th game in the fabled Atelier series, Atelier Rorona, appears to have vanished off the shelves in Nippon faster than you can say “This is Akihabara! What do you mean you’ve sold out of PSPs?!*”

Is Atelier Rorona the next big thing to hit the JRPG scene, or has Gust orchestrated the perfect marketing coup?

Games running out of stock is usually both a good and a bad thing. Good because it suggests the game is selling well, and bad for those who weren’t quick enough to pick up an early copy. But what if the first assumption is somewhat specious due to how the publisher has released the game? Then we must look to the laws of economics which dictate that, if supply is less than demand, your product may have sold out, but that’s not necessarily because your product is popular.

We’ve seen slightly different reports that show Atelier Rorona shipped between 22,000 and 25,000 units in Japan last week. Not particulary stellar saless figuers you’ll agree; especially in a genre that has traditionally seen a limited number of titles released and is only now getting into the ful swing of things.

This particular sales ploy is a known tactic of Gust and other publishers who initially release a limited number of stock to the market, and hence create a false sense of urgency, only to slowly release more units over the coming weeks. It’s a strange procedure and not one we’re used to over here in the West but, if you’re in Japan and you really want a game, you buy it on day one or risk the anxious wait for the next shipment.

Speaking of the West, while replying to comments over at the official PS blog in relation to the PSP game “Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman, What Did I Do to Deserve This?” (sometimes we thank the stars we don’t report on PSP games considering titles like that), Nao Zook from NIS America – a company that has released numerous Atelier titles on the PS2 outside of Japan in the past – confirms that the company has high hopes for an English release of Rorona:

Nao states:

“I cannot say that we’ll bring the game to the US for sure at this moment, but we are working on bringing the game over here. So I am personally really hoping that we can!”

There are other revelations in the comments section from Nao including:

  • Disgaea 3 trophies are going through testing right now and should be out next month (or August at the latest)
  • There are no plans for a Trinity Universe release outside of Japan but NIS America are “very hopeful” of a wider audience enjoying the title; especially considering all of the NIS America characters are in it.
  • Last Rebellion has hit some snags, and though they could release it as is, they’ve decided to work on it a bit more.
  • Expect another announcement at the end of the year of a new RPG from NIS.

*These words were actually said. In Akihabara. In bad Japanese.